How To Use DROID Zap on the DROID Maxx, Mini and Ultra


One of the features that separates the Moto X from the DROID family is the DROID Zap functionality that Verizon and Motorola have added to the 2013 line of the DROIDs. That includes the DROID Maxx, DROID Mini, and the DROID Ultra. It's kinda like S Beam or Android Beam. But instead of using NFC, it uses WiFi or mobile data to send pictures to phones near you. So say you're at a party and you took a picture that one of your friends wants? Well you can use DROID Zap to send it to them without using email or NFC. It's kind of easy, the first time it seems like a lot of work but after that it gets pretty easy. So here's how you do it.

How to Send a picture using DROID Zap:

  1. Go into your Gallery and find a picture you want to send
  2. With two fingers swipe up from the bottom of the screen
    2013-09-25 20.07.50
  3. Now your phone will say "Getting Ready" and it may need to login to your Google account
    2013-09-25 20.07.54
  4. Next it'll start uploading your picture
    2013-09-25 20.08.02
  5. The Notification will tell you "tell people to catch now"
  6. It'll also show you the code that person needs to enter if you have that option enabled.

How to receive a picture using DROID Zap

  1. First, Download the DROID Zap app from Google Play
  2. Open up the DROID Zap app and you'll see the Zap Stage
    2013-09-25 20.09.44
  3. Drag those two levers down, as it shows you
    2013-09-25 20.09.48
  4. It'll then start looking for pictures
  5. Once it finds one, it'll either start downloading or ask you for the code
    2013-09-25 20.10.26
  6. Enter the code and it'll start downloading
  7. A few seconds later that picture is on your device
    2013-09-25 20.10.26
  8. Piece of cake….right?

That's just how easy, or how long it takes to use DROID Zap to send out pictures to your friends. I'm not sure how long they'll stay in the cloud, but it's pretty cool that they will stay there until you retrieve them on another device. If you need help setting up DROID Zap on your DROID Ultra or another device, we've got a video for that as well titled How to Set up DROID Zap.