Top 10 Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

September 25, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

The Galaxy Note 2 may be on its way to your home in a week or two. But there are many people who will be sticking with the Note 2 to finish out their contract. While Samsung has been pretty good recently in keeping their older phones up to date, somewhat. Using Custom ROMs can really breathe new life into your phone. Especially after getting rid of stuff that you never use. So here are our top 10 picks for custom ROMs for the Galaxy Note 2 for the fall of 2013. Keep in mind that not every Galaxy Note 2 ROM will be listed, and not everyone will agree with our picks. That’s what the comments are for down below.

10. Helly Bean


This one’s for the N7100 and the t0lte model of the Galaxy Note 2. This one’s a stock Android build, so no Touchwiz here. It’s based off of CyanogenMod 10.2’s nightlies, and it’s updated almost nightly. It also has quite a few changes like removing CM stats and updater. Which is pretty standard for ROMs built off of CyanogenMod.

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9. DroidTurk v4


Ready for a Touchwiz-based ROM? Well here’s DroidTurk v4. This one works on the Galaxy Note 2, and should work on just about all the variants out there. It’s much smaller than the stock Samsung ROM that ships on the Galaxy Note 2, so it should be even smoother. The dev has added some battery icons, updated settings, added the Xperia Z lockscreen option and so much more.

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MIUI is one of those ROMs that most of us started our ROMing career with. I remember I first rooted my OG EVO 4G and flashed MIUI on there. Now MIUI V5 is available for the Galaxy Note 2. It’s updated once a week, so it’s pretty stable, and looks nothing like stock Android or Touchwiz. Which is a nice change for some people.

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7. N7100 AllianceROM


This one’s also a Touchwiz-based ROM and has a ton of changes. Actually “a ton” might be an understatement. But there is a lot. This one should be smaller and smoother than the stock Galaxy Note 2 ROM. There’s also an option to choose to install the Samsung bloat apps and the Google bloat apps, which is pretty cool in my opinion.

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6. Thunder Lite v5.0


Thunder Lite is created by members of the Omega ROM series Team nd the Assassin Resurrection team. So you’ve got some pretty knowledgeable developers behind this one. It’s also Touchwiz based, and they promise some pretty crazy battery life.

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5. Android Revolution HD


This ROM I actually used to run on my Sensatin 4G back in the day when ICS was just coming out. The developer has now expanded to more than just HTC devices and it’s available on the Galaxy Note 2. It is Touchwiz-based and it’s pretty stable. This isn’t about being the latest and greatest, but perfecting what Samsung has given us.

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4. PACman ROM


We’ve talked about PACman before. It’s a pretty unique ROM that’s based off of stock Android. It brings together the best features of Paranoid Android, AOKP and CyanogenMod (hence PAC) ROMs all together into one ROM. If you think that your current ROM doesn’t have enough features, check out PACman, they have more features then you could imagine.

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3. PhoeniX ROM v13


PhoeniX ROM is based off of Touchwiz as well and is pretty darn stable. It’s also removed a lot of Samsung’s features that they tout on the Galaxy Note 2. It hasn’t been updated in a while, but the devs are still working on it. Which means it’s a pretty stable ROM.

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2. Omega v18


Omega has been a pretty popular ROM for the Galaxy Note 2. It is based off of Touchwiz, and is also themed a bit. Like many of the other Touchwiz ROMs here, this one is much smoother than the stock Touchwiz ROM that ships on the Galaxy Note 2.

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1. AOSPA/ Paranoid Android


This is my all-time favorite ROM, no matter what device you have. Paranoid Android is very innovative. It seems like every week they’ve got a new feature they are working on. Paranoid Android is great on the Galaxy Note 2, because of that large display. You can configure per-app-colors, use Halo, and so much more.

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