Sony to Rein In on Product Leaks from Inside the Company


Some leaks are always good to create PR and awareness for a company's upcoming products, but it's not that great when everything about that product leaks out before the announcement, because then when the actual announcement happens, everyone feels like they already know everything, and there are no surprises. This can put the company at a disadvantage when trying to ramp up the excitement for the launch day, to get people to purchase the products.

After all the leaks about the Sony Honami, the company is trying to rein in on these leaks, and they've started changing policy inside the company to stop them, or at least try to limit them:

  • Do not use phones without protective covers
  • Do not show phones to individuals outside of Sony Mobile (Unless NDA signed)
  • Do not upload any pictures to social networks, public pages, etc.
  • Do not user 3rd party benchmarking applications

If the new policy is indeed followed by everyone at the company, then they might have some success, but if at least one person done some of those things, then that could be everything websites need to figure out what Sony is up to. But if they can at least limit them so not absolutely everything is known before the official announcement that would be good progress, too. After all, even the company with the highest secrecy around, Apple, can't keep everything secret.


For Sony's sake, these new policies better be implemented quickly, because there have already been rumors about an Xperia Z2 smartphone, and that's before the Z1 even launched on the market. Fortunately for Sony, we aren't sure of its specs yet, because otherwise a lot of people may just decide to wait until that one comes out, especially if the release date will be in a few months from now.


There are some rumored specs, which seem to imply many of the same specs as the Z1, but some of them don't make sense, and why would Sony use the Snapdragon 800 again in its next-gen flagship? Wondering about this sort of stuff is what keeps a product exciting, while knowing everything about it makes the launch more boring, and this is exactly what Sony is trying to solve.