Samsung's Q3 Smartphone Sales Defy the Analysts, Beat Expectations


Analysts are an interesting bunch.  While it's their job to be as accurate as possible, it's also well-known that they tend to miss the mark.  With so many analysts out there, a few are bound to be wrong, right?  What if all the analysts were wrong though, what would that change?  Such a thing has just happened with Samsung's Q2 2013 sales, and it's rather interesting to look at all the hoopla surrounding Samsung now.  Back in Q2 when the Galaxy S4 launched, Samsung came out with what seemed like an outrageous sales number, saying that they expect the Galaxy S4 to sell 100 million units throughout its lifetime.  Samsung looked pretty good initially when the Galaxy S4 hit the 10 million sold mark in mid-May, and there was little reason to think that momentum would slow down.  Then the first estimates of less sales started coming in no less than a week later, saying Samsung would sell 80 million instead of 100 million.  One month later and Samsung had officially slowed down production of the Galaxy S4, nearly confirming what all the analysts at that point had been saying; the Galaxy S4 just wasn't enough of an upgrade, and people wouldn't be moving to it.  This was the first time in history that Samsung had cut back component orders for a flagship device, and it scared the pants off analysts and investors out there.  What's interesting is to see sales now; according to Korean Consumer Times, Samsung sold over 71 million smartphones in Q2, and 22 million of those were Galaxy S4's.



It's almost humorous to see such a thing happen.  22 million Galaxy S4's in Q2 is an astounding number, and is Samsung's highest selling phone of all time.  Now we're in fiscal Q3 with one month to go, and Samsung has met the 10 million sales-per-month goal that they set, assuaging analysts' fears of Samsung only selling 7 million units per month.  As G for Games reports all the numbers are looking good for Samsung, and they still have a ways to go til the end of the year.  Let's not forget about the Galaxy Note 3, which gets announced today, will be part of that total smartphone sales number for Samsung.  While the overall worldwide market for smartphones has slowed down a bit since 2012, things are still pretty hot for an OEM like Samsung, and with new products released what seems like every other week the quantity of products offered is likely to fit nearly any person out there.  When the official numbers come in at the beginning of October we will see just how on-track Samsung is, but for now it's looking up for the Korean manufacturer when things were looking pretty bleak just a few months ago.

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