Samsung to Offer an Entry Level Galaxy Note 3 with LCD Screen in November?

Galaxy Note 3

Once again, Samsung is continuing its quest to be all things to all people and is rumored to be coming out with a lower priced Galaxy Note 3 with an LCD screen to replace the Full HD Super AMOLED and an 8MP camera to replace the 13MP of the original Galaxy Note 3.  The newest Samsung flagship will be arriving any day, but Samsung will launch the cheaper priced model Galaxy Note 3 in November so there is no conflict with the original's September debut. Another model with Dual SIM cards was also spotted going through the FCC for approval, dubbed the Galaxy Note 3 DUOS, although we have no other information at this time.  There is also no price announcement for the entry level Galaxy Note 3 or even where it will be available.

According to a Korean Website, Samsung had always planned to produce an entry-level Galaxy Note 3, but at the last minute decided not to launch them at the same time for fear of stealing sales away from the flagship Galaxy Note 3.  If Samsung is afraid that the entry-level will cannibalize sales of the original, does that mean it will be sold in the U.S., or are they talking about overseas?  Our source tells us it is being made for "price-sensitive emerging markets." Will the two look differently from one another – I hope they do something to differentiate them from each other.  The new Galaxy Note 3 has the faux leather backing; possibly the entry level will have the familiar polycarbonate backing?

Note 3 F&B


We also do not know if the processor, RAM, or internal storage will be the same as the flagship Galaxy Note 3, which seems strange because if Samsung had indeed intended on releasing both models at the same time, why there were no leaks about it.  I do hope that they differentiate between the two models via internal components, as well as external looks or there could be some very angry flagship purchasers.

Assuming the entry-level model looks identical, with all same internals, other than the camera, is this something you may be interested in purchasing rather the flagship model.  Let us know on Google+ how you feel about this – do you feel like Samsung is cheating or deceiving its customers.