Samsung to Launch Galaxy Note 3 With Flexible Display?

samsung flexible dispaly e1379982028916

Much like the Galaxy S4 – or any phone of 2013, for that matter – the Note 3 was subject to rumor after rumor. Some of them were a little more plausible than others and when the true leaks starting pouring, we all felt like we already knew the Note 3. One of the more suspect rumors surrounding the Note 3 however, was that it would be shipping with a flexible OLED display. Considering that Samsung was showing non-working prototypes at CES 2013, this seemed a little far even for Samsung.

Now though, whispers of a flexible display hitting a Limited Edition of the Note 3 are making a comeback. Unwired View is reporting that Asian press has a spokesperson for Samsung “on record” saying that a Limited Edition of the device with a flexible display to market before 2013 is out. This all sounds a little suspect to us and considering that Samsung has been criticized in the past for shipping multiple versions of the same device, this doesn’t look like a good move to us.

After all, the design of the device wouldn’t change, the display wouldn’t be curved over the edges of the device or anything like that. Instead, the focus would be on the display’s “indestructible” qualities. We’ve heard time and time again that flexible OLED is far more resilient than traditional displays but, as we all know: things break.

This is an interesting rumor and one we’re not sure of. A version of the Note 3 with such new technology would more than likely cost quite a bit more, and would it even be worth it? A flexible display that doesn’t flex or change the design of the device? Frankly, we think that Samsung is going to hold off on this and we’d be very surprised if a version of the Note 3 hit the market with flexible OLED. What do you guys think? Is this a possibility or another crazy rumor?