Samsung KNOX – An all Around Security Solution for Work and Play

Samsung Knox

What is Samsung KNOX you ask; well let’s see how Samsung describes it:

Samsung KNOXâ„¢ is the comprehensive enterprise mobile solution for work and play. With the increasing use of smartphones in businesses, Samsung KNOX addresses the mobile security needs of enterprise IT without invading the privacy of its employees.

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a BlackBerry that protected business enterprises with powerful security features to defeat the enemy lurking within, and that boys and girls is today what we call a fairy tale. Employees were often given a BlackBerry as their work phone, but in today’s world, employees want to use their own smartphone with the big and colorful screen, but at the same time, employers worry about somebody hacking into that iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note. Samsung was listening loud and clear, and developed Samsung KNOX (as in Fort Knox) to allow users to have the option to use their favorite Samsung phone and allow the enterprise owner to feel secure in doing so.

Their website claims that Samsung KNOX has four levels or types of security built-in to give the user total protection from Platform Security to Application Security to Mobile Device Management to finally Enterprise Security. It is all fairly complicated but we will try to highlight some points.

Samsung Knox DiagramPlatform Security

This is the first line of defense that assures only authorized software is running on the device. It constantly monitors the Linux Kernel and if it detects a violation it will follow the procedures you defined, such as shutting down the phone.

Samsung Knox ApplicationApplication Security

Samsung KNOX also addresses enterprise applications and data security requirements by isolating those applications in a “container” and encrypting enterprise data both at rest and in motion. It literally haves its own home screen and launcher, keeping them separate from personal applications. It also offers its own Virtual Private Network (VPN) with the ability of the administrator to configure, provision, and manage the VPN.

Samsung Knox MobileMobile Device Management

“Samsung KNOX works with enterprise-preferred MDM vendor solutions and industry leading security and management controls.”

Samsung Knox BusinessSamsung KNOX for Enterprise

KNOX offers an area for IT Managers for comprehensive protection of data leakage, malware, and malicious attacks. KNOX shows a little love to the Employees by allowing them their own portion of the phone for personal data that is completely separate and private from the enterprise side. The Samsung KNOX system makes it easier on application partners in designing their software by allowing the security features be controlled by KNOX.

Sounds like a great idea as long as KNOX does not slow down or cause a lag in everyday use, and will certainly allow businesses to welcome Samsung with opened arms. We cannot wait to test out this new security program.