Samsung Detail Enhanced S-Pen Features; With Air Command at the Forefront


Galaxy Note users out there will know that while the main attraction of the Note line is the larger screens, the S-Pen comes a very close second. While you might think that it's just a stylus, Note users will heatedly tell you otherwise. The S-Pen is a great and innovative way to interact with the Galaxy Note. Not just because it's so precise but, because of the software that Samsung loads into the Note line. The Galaxy Note 3 isn't about to be the exception that proves the rule and here, Samsung have made some additions and some improvements.

The S Note app has been updated and improved in a number of different ways, including PC and Evernote sync, that should make writing notes even easier on the device and there's the S Finder search option. Overall, Samsung has done their research and figured out what works well and stuck with it.


The star of the show however, is Air Command. A feature that allows you to get a number of apps no matter what you're doing on the device. All you have to do to bring up Air Command is to hover the S-Pen over the display and then click the pen's button. This then brings up a sort of half-radial menu with quick access to quick apps like screen write and more. It's a great addition to the already excellent suit of apps that the S-Pen enables and there's a chance that it'll be customizable.

The S-Pen has seen a number of touch-ups throughout the entire phone. The S-View case now allows you to use the S-Pen and the stylus itself has been given a slightly different design as well. While there's not much that Samsung can do with the S-Pen at this point, they've enabled a few new features and kept things most the same, and considering that there was nothing wrong with it in the first place, it seems like a good plan to us.

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