Q Slide on the LG G2: Quickly Access Apps like Messaging, Phone, Calendar and More

September 27, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

The LG G2 has plenty of features. Now when you compare it to the likes of the Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3, it doesn’t seem like a lot. But there are plenty of great features here on the G2. Now that I’ve been able to catch up on my phone reviews, I can back track and do more coverage on the LG G2, because who doesn’t want more coverage on the G2? I have to be honest though, I did not expect the G2 to get as much attention or early adoption as it has. Especially without a microSD card slot, removable battery and putting the buttons on the back.

Some of the software features in the LG G2 include Q Slide, Slide Aside, and many others. We already touched on these in my review, but I wanted to take some time and talk about it a bit more in-depth now. Q Slide is one of those features that I probably won’t use too often, but I’m sure many of you will.

What exactly is Q Slide? Q Slide is a feature on the G2 that allows you to open multiple windows. It currently only works with a few apps like Messaging, Calendar, Videos, Email, Note Pad, Phone, Voice Mate, File Manager and Calculator. Now in your notification shade, you probably noticed all those apps below the toggles. You can show/hide those apps in the notification shade by hitting the Q Slide toggle above it. This way you can clear your notification shade a bit or just use some Q Slide goodness.

When you select an app and have it on top of the app you were already in, you can make it smaller/larger, or make it more transparent. You can also move it around or just make it full screen. It’s pretty cool. And it’s something you won’t see on other devices. We’ve got a video down below which shows you some of the stuff you can do with Q Slide so be sure to check that out. We’ll have plenty more G2 coverage over the weekend as well.