So there Is A Problem with the HTC One Camera, HTC Says Update Coming Soon to Fix It

September 12, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

The camera on the HTC One is a pretty controversial part of the phone. On one hand it takes great pictures, especially in low-light, but on the other hands it’s really only a 4MP camera. While the megapixels are bigger, it’s still just a 4MP camera. Now I’ve been happy with the camera on the One and the One Mini. While many others think it’s pretty crappy. Now we’re hearing that some low-light pictures have had some purple-tint in the pictures. Which HTC has acknowledged the problem and is working on a software update that will fix the issue.

HTC One users have flocked to the usual forums over at XDA and even Reddit to complain about the issue which started back in June. In fact, one One owner (man that doesn’t read right, but you know what I mean), recorded a video of what exactly is happening when taking low-light pictures.

Now that HTC has officially said this is a problem, they’ve said that the problem is caused by a specific combination of conditions and that it’s working on a software update to fix it. This suggests to us that the problem is with the firmware on the camera on not the actual hardware. Which is good news. However there’s also bad news when it’s a software update. We never know when the update will actually be out. Since the updates do have to go through the carriers, at least in the US, it might take a while. Hopefully they can roll the fix into the Android 4.3 update. That would be spectacular.

For those of you wondering if your One is suffering from this problem, there is a simple way to test it. Lay your phone down on a tablet, desk, etc., and open the camera. The image should be black or very dark. If there is any tint at all on the image, that means your device is not working properly, unfortunately.

How many of you are affected by this issue on your HTC One? Let us know in the comments below.