Oppo N1 Gets Supercharged with Quad-Core Snapdragon 800, Removable SD Support

Out of all the manufacturers of phones out there, Oppo consistently comes up when talking about the most premium and classy devices out there.  The Chinese manufacturer made its big flagship debut with the Oppo Find 5 last year. making it the first phone with a 1080p screen.  While this wasn't Oppo's first foray into the world of smartphones, it was the 1080p screen and quality build that really set Oppo apart.  It also helped that you could get an unlocked Find 5 in the US for $450 from Oppo's website, which is at least $100 less than almost any other top-of-the-line smartphone out there.  Oppo seems to have taken the idea of having standalone features and seriously run with it, as we've seen from past news on Oppo's new phone, the N1.  We already know the N1 will be launching in September thanks to Oppo's teaser last month, and the device itself looks pretty slick too as we've seen in pictures.  There's also a rear touch panel to keep those grubby fingerprints off your phone when scrolling, but it can be used for a large number of things like taking pictures and just about anything else you'd rather do with a button on the back.  The biggest standalone feature of the N1 is probably the camera though, and as we've seen the actual lenses themselves are interchangeable.

Thanks to Engadget we've been made aware of a leak by Sina Weibo of the above picture showing the internals for the Oppo N1, and it reveals quite a bit about the device that we hadn't previously known.  First off it's powered by a Snapdragon 800 chip, MSM8274 to be exact, which is the same chipset used in the upcoming Sony Xperia Z Ultra, LG G2 and Galaxy S4 LTE-A, however with HSPA radios instead of LTE.  That's a 2.3-GHz quad-core processor if you were wondering, and yes it has the ability to shoot up to 4k video too.  No telling if the N1 can do this, but given the fact that it's a camera-centric device we wouldn't be surprised.  After all you have to be packing some serious horsepower to shoot that kind of quality video, and the Snapdragon 800 is up to the task.  You can also see an SD card slot on the main board here, which means you'll have plenty of room for all that HD video and high-resolution pictures.  The Oppo N1 is shaping up to be one incredible device, and a camera-centric device that isn't gimped on specs much like it's direct rival, the Galaxy S4 Zoom.  Oppo is an exciting up-and-coming manufacturer, and phones like the N1 prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.  We're expecting an official announcement of the Oppo N1 at Oppo's event on September 23rd.  Until then expect plenty more information to come.

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