Nexus 5 Preview: Is 2GB of RAM Enough, or Will we see a Bump to 3GB?

September 18, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

I have to say, last year when Google announced the Nexus 4, I was quite surprised to see it come with 2GB of RAM. It was only mid-2012 when we saw the first phone with 2GB of RAM, which was the US version of the Galaxy S3. Nonetheless, we did see the Nexus 4 come with 2GB of RAM and just about every device in the past year with 2GB or more. The Galaxy Note 3 was announced earlier this month and it’s packing 3GB of RAM. Now sure we could make all kinds of jokes about how Touchwiz is that heavy that it needs 3GB of RAM, and we actually have. However, it’s actually pretty likely that most phones announced next year, and the rest of this year could feature 3GB of RAM.

We’ve been hearing reports that 3GB of RAM in flagship phones and tablets are going to become the norm very quickly. In fact, we’ve even heard that as soon as next year we might see 4GB of RAM in our smartphones. Now as a Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 user, I don’t think we need 3GB of RAM in our phones right now. Since unused RAM is basically wasted RAM. However it would be nice to see more RAM in devices, especially those that are running a skin on top of stock Android. Hence the Galaxy Note 3.


Normally, the Nexus device has all the high-end specs of phones released around the same time, except for one spec. There’s always one spec that’s a disappointment to us. Last year it was the display. The Nexus finally got a 720p display, as all the 1080p displays were coming out. For the Galaxy Nexus it was the camera…I guess you can argue it’s the camera every year since the camera on the Nexus devices have always been pretty bad. The big question here is, how much RAM will we see in the Nexus 5 this year? Possibly 3GB? What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments down below.