New FCC Filing Shows Us the LG-Made Nexus 5


Breathe it in folks, can you smell that? It's Nexus season and now, the trickle is becoming a flood. Recently, we saw an un-released Nexus phone feature in the video unveiling of the KitKat statue. Of course, we all instantly thought that was the Nexus version of LG's G2. Then we heard from @evleaks that the Nexus 5 might not be from LG at all. However, thanks to a recent FCC filing, as discovered by PhoneScoop, we can clearly see that the above device resembles what we saw in the video before Google took it down. We can also make out the letters "LG". Giving LG Nexus 5.


From the front, the device looks how you'd expect a Nexus to look and it doesn't look too different from the Nexus 4. The FCC has already let slip that the device is packing a 4.96-inch Display and LTE bands for pretty much every wireless carrier in the US. While the folks over at the FCC popped the back off of this little guy, that doesn't mean that the device will be shipping with a removable battery. However, we can see that the device isn't going to be glass-backed like the Nexus 4 and we can also see that it's packing NFC, like any good Android phone should be these days.


The 2,300 mAh battery from previous outings has also been confirmed. So, the game appears to be up, LG is indeed the manufacture behind the Nexus 5 - or whatever they're going to be calling it - and it can't be all that far away. Especially if the FCC have had as much quality time with it as this.

We're not experts or anything but, the device above looks a lot like the one found celebrating the arrival of a giant KitKat, no? Things are starting to get interesting and it looks like October could be Nexus Month over at Mountain View once again. With the Nexus 4's price slashed and the Nexus 7 already on shelves, that leaves a new Nexus smartphone and maybe a new Nexus 10. Who's excited for a new Nexus?


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