Motorola's DVX, the Budget-Minded Moto X, Could Come with Four Color Backplates


The emerging market is one of the most important markets for Android's future growth rate, mainly because as an open operating system, Android can easily scale across even lower-end hardware with ease.  This lower-end hardware translates into lower-cost hardware, and thus gets more people on board who might not have been otherwise.  With this thought in mind, Motorola is ready to take on the entry-level market full force with the Motorola DVX; a phone that's styled very similarly to the Moto X, but carries a $200 price tag off contract.  That flies in the face of the Moto X's price, which is $200 on contract, leaving the total price of the phone somewhere in the upper $500-600 range on most carriers.  We found just earlier this week that the Motorola DVX is probably coming to Republic Wireless sometime in October for under $200.  What's more is the it looks like, thanks to Phone Arena, the Motorola DVX will have the option of 4 different color user-changeable backplates, giving even more rise that this is a more budget-minded Moto X.  But what does that say about the specs?  Unfortunately up to this point we've heard absolutely nothing about the specs of the phone, however given that Republic Wireless is going to be reportedly carrying the Moto X off contract at an incredible $299, we imagine the DVX won't be too far behind in terms of horsepower.

Moto DVR Shell


So what exactly is it that we know is different about the DVX from the plain old Moto X?  Well we've got some really nice shots of the case of the phone, which looks alarmingly similar to the Moto X itself.  The main differences here mainly some components being moved around, and the shell that it ships with appears to possibly be made of a matte material similar to the 2013 Nexus 7.  This material is still plastic, but is not slippery like the famous Samsung plastic found on the back of the Galaxy S III, S4 and Note II.  It's still got that all-important Motorola logo dimple for your finger to rest on, and an equally large camera slot above it with a single LED flash.  The candy-colored additional shells that adorn the above pictures also seem to be made of the same material, but that could also just be the fact that these pictures appear to have been taken on a camera phone circa 2004.  The total number of colors at this point for the DVX seem to be 4, being green, pink, black and white.  There's no telling if Motorola will include more, but given the fact that there are nearly 400 total combinations for the Moto X, it's likely Moto will push out some more flavors over time.  Just try not to lick them.

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