Motorola's DROID 5 Leaks Out Once More; 4.3-inch 720p Panel Paired With QWERTY-Keyboard


Many of you will think back to the first smartphone that got you interested in Android and think of the Motorola DROID. With a form-factor that was different to the iPhone, when everyone else was playing copy-cat, the DROID proposed a new path. While Android was still in its infancy, the DROID proved to be popular. However, as touch screens got better, and Samsung, Sony, HTC et al all started to make better phones, the DROID line of QWERTY-Keyboard devices faded away into obscurity.

That doesn't mean that the DROID line is going to go away however, as we saw the DROID 4 and now, rumors of an upcoming DROID 5 are swirling. Thanks to this most recent leak, it looks like a new DROID phone is very much on the cards for Verizon. As PhoneArena is reporting, specs of the device have leaked out and they look pretty middling.

  • 4.3-inch 720P display
  • 5-row QWERTY keyboard
  • Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8960 Dual Core ARM v7 Processor with Adreno 255 GPU
  • 1GB of RAM, 16GB ROM
  • support microSD
  • wireless charging
  • NFC

Not unlike other phone offered by Verizon, this latest addition to the DROID line-up is apparently going to be shipping with wireless charging.




For the last couple of years now, the DROID line has been Verizon's "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" smartphone and it looks like the DROID 5 is going to be more of the same. Instead of messing with the formula here, things should be much the same.




We all know what a DROID smartphone is going to be about now, the hardware is never really going to change all that much. What's going to be interesting however, is what – if anything – are Motorola going to  do with the software. As the DROID ULTRA and its friends have features that are also found in the Moto X, it'll be interesting to see if this gains any such features, too. Overall though, the specs here aren't anything to write home about so pricing is going to be key for Verizon this Fall. These days, there might not be any room left for a QWERTY-Keyboard device like the DROID. What do you guys think?

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