Motorola DVX Seen On Camera, Thanks to FCC Filing


We've been hearing a lot about the Motorola DVX, the so-called "Moto X on the cheap" and now, we get a look at the device. Thanks to an enterprising Reddit user, we can see that the DVX has been to the FCC once more, this time with a complimentary photoshoot. Unfortunately, only the front and rear of the device can be seen in the photos. However, that's enough for us to see that the device is a very close cousin of the Moto X – as we all expected. We're no experts but, the dimensions of the device in the photo don't look quite tall enough to be a 4.7-inch device. Making it more likely that the DVX is to come in at 4.3-inches or 4.5-inches.

The model that's pictured has gone through the FCC is a GSM variant, with support for the 850/1900 bands. Making Motorola's DVX a 3G-only device compatible with US carriers and many more worldwide. Without 4G support, this could be a very affordable device, once more furthering Motorola's apparent quest to created an "Android for everyone". However, a GSM variant isn't all that Motorola seems to have their eye on, as a CDMA-enabled device recently went through the FCC. Supporting bands 0,1,10, making a device destined for Sprint. However, the FCC filing lists three model numbers, one of them is said to be headed to Republic Wireless and the others – who knows.


Even though the Moto X is available on pretty much every major US carrier, it doesn't have the most attractive price tag. If Motorola is looking to deliver Android devices for everyone, then they need to cover a wide-range of budgets, too. A device like this on carriers such as Ting, Republic Wireless, Straight Talk and so on could be just what they need. Not only that but, unlike the Moto X, the DVX might be a little more affordable as an unlocked device. What do you guys think? Is this something you'd be interested in?

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