MotoMaker Not Satisfying Your Design Needs for Your Moto X - MAKEwithMOTO Group can lend a Hand

Would you let this motley crew design your next Moto X accessory?  That is exactly what can happen if the MAKEwithMOTO group visits your area and you are lucky enough to hook-up with them.

If your purchased a Moto X smartphone you know that you can customize it at the MotoMaker website or for even more options you can design your Moto X through Facebook for even more options - not enough - well MAKEwithX, allows you to design 3D accessories and cases with the help of computer generated graphics programs such as Radiolaria to take customizing your Moto X smartphone to the next level.

The Radiolaria program allows you to pick different cellular and crystalline forms and uses a computer generator to manipulate those forms into unique shapes and designs, even 3D, and then it can print that design onto different materials.

A phone case, for instance, as shown above.  The whole idea is what Moto X stands for; individuality. This project does not affect the actual phone, that design comes within the MotoMaker or with Moto Match on Facebook. The MAKEwithMOTO group allows you to use MAKEwithX to fashion accessories for your new Moto X, such as NFC-enabled topographic dog tags, tessellation bracelets, back-plates, or clear cases with designs that allow that custom color you picked shine through.

If you are truly interested in this project and want to know more about it there is a detailed video you can catch below.  Just a warning it is close to 50 minutes in length and covers a roundtable discussion that the group held about their efforts.  There they share descriptions and visuals of MAKEwithX activities, give a quick background on the MAKEwithMOTO tour, and launch their outreach efforts to new Moto X buyers.

Follow them on Facebook and the crew's tweets at #makewithx, see if they will be in your area, and try and put yourself in the running to hook up with the crew and do your thing with your Moto X.

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