Logitech Launches Protective Keyboard Cases for Samsung's Galaxy Tab 3 Tablets

Logitech has managed to keep the pace of innovation with keyboards, even though people are using PC's less and less these days, and they've gone ahead of the pack creating all sorts of cases and keyboards for tablets, and constantly improving on them, until they finally get it right. I think they are almost there with these new protective cases for the Galaxy Tab 3 tablets.

The new protective case with keyboard is almost everything I'd want from such an accessory, although there are still some things that are missing, that I hope they'll fix in future iterations. But let's start with what works.

First off, it's a case for your tablet, which I think works even better than just having a keyboard (like Microsoft's Surface tablets), or worse - just a one side cover for the screen, but without protecting the back, too (like the ones for the iPad). It offers full protection for your tablet, and it seems to be made of some kind of hard material, because they say the cases also offer protection against bumps.

You can buy the case alone for $49.99, and if you want the one with keyboard, too, that will cost twice as much. I think the prices are a little high, considering for about $100 Asus used to offer an aluminum keyboard with a 2 cell battery inside, which also costs quite a bit. Logitech is only offering the case and the keyboard here. It does seem a little on the high-end, but there's not that much good competition for this right now, so they'll get away with it, and I think people will buy it if they need it.

The keyboard case is my favorite, because it has the potential to help tablets disrupt laptops even more in the future, especially if Google decides to update Android's UI for tablets to work a little better as a laptop/PC OS.

Now, what I think needs to be improved is to make sure the tablet doesn't wobble when you press on it, if the back structure is not too fixed and strong. It's for the same reason why I think touch on most laptops is a bad idea. But if the tablet stays very fixed there, that could work.

Another thing that I haven't seen anyone solve yet is the angle problem. All of them seem to be stuck at a certain angle, and I don't think that angle works for everyone, or in all situations. If they can let the tablet change its change at least a little, that would be great.

But as I said, these protective cases are probably the best you can get right now for tablets, and they are available for all of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 3 tablets, including the 7", 8" and the 10.1" one.

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