LG's Newest G2 Video Involves a Chicken Doing Stunts to Demonstrate OIS


Every now and then someone releases a commercial that, pardon the pun, tickles your fancy.  Maybe it even ruffles your feathers a bit and gets you thinking outside the box.  Regardless of how a clever commercial makes you feel, it gets the product on your mind, and you usually go around telling people about it, if for no other reason than to get them to laugh.  LG's latest attempt at such commercial humor is actually pretty successful, and might be one of the most amazing, yet obscure, commercials for a smartphone we've ever seen.  Relying on a rather excellent analogy between a chicken and camera stabilization, LG has taken a thrill-seeking cameraman and paired him up with said chicken in a series of crazy stunts in which the chicken keeps her head as stable as a rock.  This is apparently a natural thing chickens do, and it makes it even more interested when you compare it with your most recent flagship phone, the LG G2.

Of course LG is comparing it to the G2 because, like a chicken keeping its head straight no matter what, the G2 attempts to keep your image from blurring or warping during video by using a trick called Optical Image Stabilization (OIS).  Our review of the AT&T variant of the LG G2 went live earlier this week, and the camera really is something special.  Seeing these kinds of advancements in mobile cameras is a big step forward, and if we can see this kind of technology being used more often in mobile phones in the future, it'll continue to push the boundaries of mobile photography.  What's great is that if you don't care for the G2 hardware or software as much, it looks like that same 13 megapixel shooter with OIS will be making its way into the Nexus 5 when it launches, which could be as early as two weeks from now if recent rumors are true.  Kudos to LG on the excellent commercial.  See it for yourself below, and prepare for some laughs!



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