Ingress Gets Updated to V1.36…We've Got the APK Too!

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Google's newest project, Niantic Labs, has really been putting some hardwork into Ingress and Field Trip. Their two location based apps. Ingress is probably one of the more popular apps I've seen that actually makes you leave your house. It's a location-based game that makes you go out and find portals, meet new friends and enemies. And it's just overall a good game. I still think It's Google's genius way of getting us to help them with Maps and Street View!



On Monday, Niantic Labs pushed out their second update to the app in just two weeks. This update is pretty big as well. Here's the full changelog from Google Play:

  • Avatar Creator – design your own agent avatar for your profile.
  • Octagon around the agent avatar displays agent level (1-8).
  • New AP progress bar at top of Scanner.
  • Streamlined new agent training flow.
  • Object descriptions in inventory.
  • Alerts tab in COMM.
  • Clicking on a notification in the Android tray will open the Alerts view.
  • Bug fixes.

Now as usual, the update is probably going to take a few days to hit your device. As Google loves using staged rollouts now. So we've got the APK down below for you to sideload onto your device. Basically you just need to go ahead and download the apk onto your phone (make sure 'Unknown Soures' is checked under Settings > Security) and hit install. A few seconds later you'll be good to go.

I'm still hopeful that Niantic Labs will expand the game past Level 8, as I've been Level 8 for quite a while, but don't see much of a need to play it anymore. Ingress is still in closed beta, so I'm sure that there are still plenty of updates with plenty more features incoming soon.


How many of you still need an invite to play Ingress?

Download Ingress v1.36.0