IFA 2013: ASUS Officially Announces Transformer Pad 701, Transformer Book, New MeMo Pads, and New FonePads


IFA is just starting to get under way in Berlin. Well it’s actually press day today, so you’re going to see a million posts from us for new devices from a ton of manufacturers. We’ve already seen what Lenovo and Sony had to offer, now it’s ASUS’ turn. In about an hour we’ll see what Samsung has in store for us.

On Wednesday, ASUS announced a ton of devices. Including some new Fonepads, which we’ll take a look at first.


There are now two different Fonepads. There’s the Fonepad 7 and the Fonepad Note 6 (yes it has a stylus). Both have relatively good specs, which you can see down below:

Fonepad 7 specs

  • 10.5 mm thick, 340g in weight
  • 7-inch 1280×800 LCD
  • 5MP rear, 1.2MP front cameras
  • Intel ATOM Z2560 dual-core CPU
  • Android 4.2
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8/16/32GB storage with microSDHC slot
  • 3950mAh battery
  • GSM micro-SIM slot
  • GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11 n Wifi

Fonepad Note 6 specs

  • 10.3mm thick, 210g in weight
  • 6-inch 1080p LCD
  • 8MP rear, 1.2MP front cameras
  • Intel ATOM Z2580 dual-core CPU
  • Android 4.2
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16/32GB storage with microSDHC slot
  • 3200mAh battery
  • GSM micro-SIM slot
  • GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11 b/g/n Wifi

Next up are the new MeMO pads. The MeMO pads are basically the budget tablets that ASUS makes in various sizes. In fact, I have the MeMO Pad HD 7 here right now (review should be coming out this weekend) and it’s actually a nice device for the price. Today, ASUS announced the MeMO Pad 8 and 10. And here’s the spec sheet:


MeMO Pad 8 specs

  • 9.95 mm thick, 350g in weight
  • 8-inch 1280×800 LCD
  • 5MP rear, 1.2MP front cameras
  • quad-core CPU
  • Android 4.2
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB storage with microSDHC slot
  • 3950mAh battery
  • GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11 n Wifi


MeMO Pad 10 specs

  • 10.5 mm thick, 522g in weight
  • 10.1-inch 1280×800 LCD
  • 5MP rear, 1.2MP front cameras
  • quad-core CPU
  • Android 4.2
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8/16GB storage with microSDHC slot
  • 5070mAh battery
  • GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11 n Wifi


Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for. A brand new Transformer tablet. This one is the Transformer Pad TF701, which is the new version of the Transformer Infinity TF700. The specs have received a pretty big upgrade as well:


  • Tablet: 263 x 180.8 x 8.9mm, 585g; Dock: 263 x 180.8 x 7mm, 570g
  • 10.1-inch 2560 x 1600 LCD
  • 5MP rear, 1.2MP front cameras
  • NVIDIA Tegra 4 CPU
  • Android 4.2
  • 32/64GB storage with microSDHC slot in tablet, and SDXC slot in the dock
  • 31Wh battery in tablet, 16Wh battery in dock
  • GSM micro-SIM slot
  • GPS, Bluetooth 3.0+EDR, 802.11 n Wifi


Finally there’s the Transformer Book. Which I believe is the same device we saw back at Computex, but it’s been upgraded a bit before release. So here are the specs on the Transformer book that runs Android and Windows 8:

  • PC Station: 304.9 x 193.8 x 13.4mm, 1kg; Tablet: 304.9 x 193.8 x 9.7mm, 700g
  • 11.6-inch 1080p LCD
  • 5MP rear, 720P front cameras
  • Intel ATOM CPU in tablet, base station up to Core i7
  • Android 4.2 / Windows 8
  • 2GB RAM tablet; 4GB base station
  • 16/32/64GB storage on the tablet; up to 1TB on the base station
  • 19Wh battery on tablet; 33Wh on base station
  • GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11 n Wifi

Some great new devices coming out from ASUS today. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m excited for the new Transformer TF701. It’s basically the same specs as the Nexus 10, but with a Tegra 4 processor inside. Which one of these tablets are you most interested in?