HTC One Max Shows Itself on Camera Once Again, With Fingerprint Reader in Tow

one max1


As the Fall hits up, with products from Sony, Samsung and a new Nexus, it’s no surprise that the One Max is rumored more and more. Recently we saw branding for the device leak out and now, over at Sina Weibo, we’re getting yet another look at the device. As PocketNow is reporting, the One Max has been pictured once more with its fingerprint reader in tow.

From the image above we can clearly see that this follows the same design as the One and the One Mini, with the white edging found on the One Mini. The hole just below the camera lens seems very much to be the rumored fingerprint reader. Hopefully, this is just another pre-production unit as the fit and finish of the fingerprint reader doesn’t look very HTC-esque. At the bottom-right of the device the three pins we saw from earlier leaks are still here. However this time around they’ve gained a little polish and instead of simply being recessed pins, they seem to have gained some white trim, suggesting that this version of the One Max is a little further ahead in production.

At this point, we all know the One Max is coming however, there’s still some speculation concerning the internal specs of the device. With reports of a Snapdragon 800, 600 and even an S4 Pro there’s no telling what’s going to be inside of the One Max. One thing’s for sure, we doubt very much that HTC will be releasing a larger device than the One itself with lesser specs. After all, the One family of devices are supposed to the best of the best from HTC so hopefully, the One Max ships with that Snapdragon 800 powerhouse many of you are hoping for.

While the device is said to be launching soon, it remains to be seen whether or not we’re talking about a carrier-exclusive device or something more widely available like the One itself. Hopefully, the One Max won’t be locked to just one carrier like the One Mini.