HTC One Max Headed to Sprint?

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While IFA 2013 has come and gone, that doesn’t mean that things are going to be quiet for the rest of the Fall. In fact, things are only just getting started. In the coming months we should see a new Nexus device and of course, the Note 3 and Xperia Z1 hit shelves. HTC however, have been relatively quiet entering the Fall so far. This is all said to change in the next few weeks however, as the HTC One Max is on the horizon for a Fall release. As @evleaks has reported in the past, the T6 is indeed the codename for the HTC One Max. Not only that but, that the device is headed to Sprint.

The HTC One was one of the first devices from HTC that hit all four major carriers as the same device. In past years, AT&T would get a device, T-Mobile would get a device, Sprint would get the EVO and Verizon would get a DROID Incredible. In 2013 however, the HTC One is everywhere, and that’s a good thing. @evleaks has come out and said that the One Max is going to be making its way to Sprint. However, whether or not that’s in general or as an exclusive device, is unsure at this point.

A lot of people seem ready to see what the One Max will bring to the table as devices are getting that little bit bigger. However, without the S-Pen, it’s hard to see what the One Max can offer besides some extra screen real-estate. One thing’s for sure though, the One has gone from being a lone ranger to a whole line of devices. With the One Mini on shelves at AT&T and this One Max coming soon.

Considering the One Mini is only available on AT&T, the idea of the One Max being an exclusive device to Sprint could ring true however, we certainly hope that HTC aren’t that dumb. Exclusive devices do nothing for brand presence and hurt sales, rather than helping them. Let’s say I am on T-Mobile and I’d like the One Mini – what about me? Those on Verizon already got a rough deal waiting for the One in the first place, will they now never get a chance at the One Max? What do you guys think, should the One Max be exclusive or not?