Google Glass Pushing The XE9 Upgrade – Plenty of Cat Pictures in Tow

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Google is at it again with their monthly updates to Google Glass, this time with XE9. As with every previous upgrade, XE9 contains several bug fixes as well as additional features.

Google’s changelog is quite extensive and includes;


Support for Google Apps Accounts – One common complaint that was voiced with early glass explorers was the lack of support for Google Apps accounts (Non-GMail.com accounts). This even caused me to give up my vanity domain name in order to use Glass. The Glass team has finally enabled support for all GApps accounts.

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Vignettes – Google advertises this as a new way to tell a story with Glass. Vignettes allow users to group together images into mini albums which can be posted on Google Plus. The Google Glass team has apparently been having fun with this on Google plus.


YouTube in Search Results – Although this has always (unofficially) been possible to do via the built-in browser, YouTube videos are officially supported in search results. The Glass team has also added controls to pause, play, fast forward and rewind videos.


Sound Search – It is shocking that this feature was not launched earlier on Glass but better late than never. If you are a Glass user, you simply need to long tap on the touchpad and say “What song is this”. It works exactly like the Sound Search application on the phone.

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Remote Control – Glass wearers using the MyGlass application on Android can now take advantage of an enhanced screenshare mode that allows users to control the Glass from their phone (when connected over bluetooth). This will greatly help any glass owner who is demoing Glass to groups.


If you are a Google Glass owner, the update is normally pushed out over the period of a few days. In order for the over the air upgrade to hit your device, you must have your glass plugged into the wall and connected to WiFi (Bluetooth is not known to work). The upgrade will automatically be downloaded and applied to your glass after a quick reboot.

If your Glass is rooted, there is no guarantee that the upgrade will work. The Factory Image does not seem to have been released but we advise you to continue checking the usual place. If you are one of the readers who are still waiting to get your hands on a pair of Google Glass, your patience will be rewarded, each upgrade brings it one step closer to retail.