Google Glass – MyGlass Update Adds Screencasting to Glass

MyGlass App

The Google Team must be a busy bunch as they keep cranking out new and updated capabilities to this fascinating product, as it continues to impress and at least interest practically everybody in the tech world.  Google is smart too in the way they are rolling out this product with an actual "study group" that paid $1500 for the Explorer Edition to test Glass on a daily basis and offer their feedback – and with this information Google keeps improving the device, as well as working with App Developers to stretch the capabilities of Glass to its limits.  One such update is live in Google Play right now, the MyGlass application that allows the user to configure their Google Glass and customized it to their individual needs…a sort of settings manager, if you will:

MyGlass App

Chances are that you do not own Glass, so downloading the app will do you no good, as Google Play states: "If you don't have Glass, then downloading this will be a waste of time."  We do these articles to keep you informed on Glass's progress and to show off its capabilities, both positive and negative.  Many of us are dying to get this device and if rumors are true, Google will most likely sell them at or slightly above cost, which means we could be looking at approximately $350.  In an article we ran a couple of days ago we point out that Google, much like a phone carrier that sells you a phone at a subsidized rate, will make its money other ways – in the case of Verizon, your monthly plan, and in the case of Google, advertising…billions and billions of dollars worth.  One thing we can be sure of is that by the time Google Glass hits the streets, sometime in 2014, the device should have most of the kinks worked out.

Google's Glass page gives you a very detailed description of what is available with the latest MyGlass update and starts off:

The MyGlass app helps set up your Glass and adds a few other features like identifying your location for turn-by-turn directions, sending and receiving SMS messages, screencasting your Glass display, and more.

Besides fixing the usual "bugs," SMS messaging, and turn-by-turn navigation, the most exciting addition to this update is what Google calls Screencasting, which allows the Glass wearer to cast what they are seeing onto a smartphone or tablet, which is really a nice feature so the Glass wearer can share what they are experiencing – and it's a lot easier than trying to squeeze your head inside with the Glass wearer!  Image a Glass user hang gliding and being able to share what they see with you while you sit safely on the ground sipping a drink…let the other crazy person risk their life!

Again, very exciting stuff coming from Google Glass and while others test the waters and give us feedback, I think when Glass finally hits the streets, there will be an "Apple-like" frenzy to buy them.  Let us know what you think of Glass, are you excited or "could care less" about their arrival.