Gmail Update Coming Today Improves Looks and Adds Features – We Have APK Too!

GMail Card Main

Google is on a roll in revamping its user interfaces to all look similar, creating some cohesiveness between its applications. This new "card" look is spilling over to its Gmail application today as Google made the announcement that we will receive a rolling update today. Google+ shared the announcement along with a few examples you can view below:

Starting today, Gmail for Android is getting a new, cleaner design for its conversation view. The update also includes a number of additional design tweaks such as checkmarks for multiple message selection so you can easily see what messages you are about to move, archive or delete. As an added bonus the app will now tell you, right in your inbox, if account sync is off so that you won't accidentally miss an important message again.

This rollout is version 4.6 of Gmail, an application that has grown from a very simple free email account in 2004, with advertising support (of course, Google was involved) to being a more polished and sophisticated application that now ties in as part of your Google Account – one sign-in, and you have access to all the wonders of Google.

Google has been orchestrating all of its Google programs to all tie together and work seamlessly with one another; not an easy task to accomplish. But Google keeps tweaking all of its programs, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, Google Drive, etc., and with each update they get a little closer to accomplishing their goal of a unified system of applications all working harmoniously together with basically the same look.

With this latest update to Gmail, Google has, once again, polished this application to the point where I may even give up holding on to using Microsoft Outlook as my main email provider – I probably would of long ago, but can you believe that someone else has my name and is using it for their Gmail account, so I had to take on another prefix!  We should all see the update over the next couple days as Google does their rollout of the update.

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