FOAP for Android – Make Money Taking Photos


Android users can finally make some money on the pictures they take now that Foap has finally released the app for our beloved Android OS and it is available now in the Play Store as a free app.  The iOS users have had it available to them for a while, so we are happy to see that we Android users can now talk advantage of the service.

Foap Home 2


Foap is a Royalty free stock photo website where you can browse for a photo and pay a one-time $10 fee and use the photo as much as you want – it's yours to do with what you please, with no royalty fees each time it's used.  For only $10 you get an unlimited license to use the photo…a pretty sweet deal for people looking for photos to use in an article.

How can you benefit from this you may ask – After you download the Foap app from the Play Store, you simply open it up and register yourself with Foap via your Facebook account or register directly with Foap using your email address and creating a password.  Once registered you upload your photos to Foap where they show up in a gallery for users to rate – your photo must have a rating of 2.6 by a minimum of five viewers.  Once your photo has received its rating of 2.6 it becomes available for sale and each time someone pays Foap their $10 fee, you earn $5.  You will not become a millionaire, but if you take a lot of photos you could make a few bucks.  If a company of person wants a special photo, they can create a Photo Mission, where the creator of the Mission can offer to pay an award amount of at least $50; Sony had paid $1000 for one submission.

The Play Store offers some information on Key Points:

  • Interact with the community via ratings, comments etc..
  • Sell your photos via FOAP market
  • Participate in fun photo missions from brands like MANGO, PUMA & Mastercard
  • Build your portfolio with unlimited amount of photos
  • Works with Android version 4.0. (Soon to come for Android version 2.3.3 too)
  • It's all free!

So download, register, and start snapping away or upload photos you have already taken; what do you have to lose – $5.  Let us know if you are participating and if you have made any quick cash yet.