Here Are The First 12 Applications For The Samsung Galaxy Gear

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When Samsung took the covers off of their long rumored Smartwatch at IFA this week, they pointed out that there would be over 70 applications that users can download and install on their watch. This is an attempt to set the Galaxy Gear apart from several of their competitors in the wearable technology race. We reported a few applications yesterday but now have a larger list. Below is the first 12 in the list. Interestingly the list seems to be devoid of any Social Networking applications with the exception of Path.

Application NameDescription
AtoomaA simple task scheduler for Android that allows a user to specify conditional statements. (Similar to IFTTT)
BanjoBanjo is a tool that will live stream photos from any location or event in the world.
EvernoteEvernote is one of the most popular note taking applications on the internet with support for every major platform. Evernote will essentially allow the Galaxy Gear to view notes and presumably take voice notes and upload photos to your evernote account.
GlympseGlympse is the first of many fitness centric applications for the Galaxy Gear. This application allows runners to see their path and statistics about their exercise routine.
eBayThe popular online auction site, eBay is making their appearance on the Galaxy Gear. Users will be able to view the status of their auctions, bid and complete auctions from their wrist.
LineLine’s multi platform instant messenger application is making its appearance on the Galaxy Gear. I am not exactly sure if this is only the voice or text chat component.
MyFitnesPalAnother Fitness application for the Galaxy Gear, MyFitnessPal acts as a virtual coach for users to set and track fitness goals.
PathPath is a mobile-centric social networking platform that allows users to share photos, take pictures and check in.
PocketPocket is an application that allows users to download offline content and read it out loud from the comfort of your pocket wrist.
RunKeeperYet another Fitness centric application to allow runners to track the distance and time of their run. The screen will display coaching tips to runners as they complete their rounds.
TripItAnyone who spends any time traveling for business has likely heard of TripIt. This traveling assistant will be launched on the Galaxy Gear to give travelers real time updates.
Vivino Wine ScannerHave you ever wanted to know the details of your favorite wine? Thanks to vivino, you simply need to use the Galaxy Gear’s onboard camera to snap a photo of the bottle and you will be greeted with an on-screen readout detailing the wine.

So there is your list, is anyone else disappointed about the lack of Ingress?