FIFA 14 Launches on the Play Store For Free

fifa 14

If you’re a big Soccer (or Football in the rest of the world) fan, you’ve probably been waiting to get your hands on FIFA 14 from Electronic Arts. However, you’re going to be waiting a bit longer. While it is available on the Play Store, it’s not available in most countries. Not even in the US. Now that’s a shocker. It’s been confirmed that FIFA 14 is only currently available in Romania and Singapore. So far there’s no information about a North American release or even the rest of the world.


The new version of FIFA offers 33 football leagues and over 600 teams. It also includes licensed player names and stats. The new Football Club Match Day feature will also keep all those stats updated throughout the season, along with new formations, injuries, and suspensions from the real season affecting your own game. FIFA 14 is also featuring new touch controls and a pretty noticeable graphical upgrade.


Some of the other features included in FIFA 14, are the ability to build your ultimate team, Rock Out – FIFA Style, along with plenty of in-app purchases. C’mon, you knew EA was going to have to make money off of FIFA 14 in some type of way. FIFA 14 is also available to play in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, and  Brazilian Portuguese.


It’s a pretty big game was well. It’s weighing in at about 1.3GB in size. So you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of space. Electronic Arts seems to be creating some pretty big games lately. Just last week they launched Madden 25, which was about 1.1GB in size. Since there’s no limit in the Play Store for App size, we’re going to see many more 1GB or larger games soon. In fact there are already quite a few available.

So while most of us still have to wait to play FIFA 14, if you do live in Romania or Singapore, you can get playing now.