Featured: Top 10 Best File Manager Apps for Android

September 24, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Many of us power users on Android like to have a file manager installed, so we can see what’s on our device and delete it or move it some where else, etc. File Managers are just that, file managers. But which ones are the best? Well that’s what we are here for today. Let’s find out which file manager in the Play Store is the best.

10. File Manager


This file manager has the plainest name ever. But it’s a pretty powerful app with a simple and clean UI. Some of the features include the ability to browse files by categories, browse by directory, supports all basic operations for files and folders. Can mark a particular file or folder as a favorite and so much more.



9. File Explorer


Here’s another app with a pretty plain name. But it is simple, fast and free. Which are all good qualities in a file manager. It is using the Holo theme, so many of us power users will like that. There area actually two versions of the App. One for pre-Android 4.0 and one for Android 4.0 and above. Which is kind of strange to me.



8. File Explorer


This file manager claims that it’s simple to use, and well it actually is. It supports multiple screen resolutions, file management, it can easily operate your phone and sd card files, there’s support fo files and folders, cut, copy, rename, create a new folder operation, the basic functions of a file manager and so much more.



7. File Manager


THis one hasn’t been updated in a while, but it does still work. Even if the UI is very stale and old. It allows you to manage the files on your SD card, which is important to quite a few people since a lot of people still want a microSD card slot. Other than that, it’s a pretty simple app.



6. Android File Manager


Here’s another one that allows you to manage what files are on your phone and microSD card, if your phone has one. It allows you to find where your pictures are saved as well. It’s a pretty simple file manager, but definitely something everyone should have.



5. OI File Manager


This is the file manager I use when I just want to find a file quickly. It’s a plain and simple File Manager. No real bells or whistles like some of the apps down below. You can easy find files on your phone and microSD card along with cut, copy, compress, create shortcuts, rename, bookmark and so much more.


4. ES File Explorer


This is another file manager I’ve used in the past. It has over 180 million downloads, so it’s gotta be a pretty file manager, right? It also allows you to sync with cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and so much more.



3. File Manager


This File Manager is one of those that does what you need it do and nothing more. Now if you’ve already checked the Play Store listing, don’t be alarmed, the UI actually doesn’t look like that still. The developer just needs to update the listing.

Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large12. Astro File Manager


Astro is a pretty special file manager. It is optimized for tablets. It also allows you to manage the files you’ve got in the cloud from various services including Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook and even SkyDrive. Now that’s a major plus for me, since some of these cloud services apps can be pretty bad.



1. Solid Explorer


Solid Explorer is a great file manager. It’s holofied, and there’s a free and paid version of the app. It’s a very simple app, but the UI is very nice to use, especially if you love holo apps. You can choose between dark and light themes, there’s also two independent panels for browsing, you can drag and drop between panels, there’s FTP, SFTP, WEbDave and SMB.CIFS client support and so much more.