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For a lot of people, playing pool means getting a bunch of friends together and hitting the poolhall. However, as with so many other things in life that's a lot easier than it sounds. While you might be a poolhall junkie, that doesn't mean that your friends are, too. Those really invested in the sport have more interest in just having a few beers around the table. For them the whole game is interesting and there are more technicalities surrounding pool and snooker than you might think. Read on to see how Pool Break Pro could be the best pool game on Android yet.

Description: Pool Break pro has pretty much ever pocket billiards game in it, from Snooker to 9-Ball it has them all. Combined with 3D graphics, realistic physics and linear shot guides, it's the perfect game for casual players and even seasoned professionals. With different size tables, from bar boxes to league-standard 9-footers, Pool Break Pro allows you to try out different game types and see which one has the best rhythm for you. Brits don't need to feel left out either, as Snooker and English Pool are included, too! With the ability to online or against varying difficulties of AI, Pool Break Pro is one of the best games to play around with – and learn – how spin affects shots, practice those bank shots and generally learn more about the game of pocket billiards itself.

How it Works: To starting pool with Pool Break Pro, you'll first have to head to the Play Store and download the game. Once you've done that you can go ahead and choose what game it is you'd like to play.


2013-09-20 21.37.20

Let's go ahead and choose Pool, right away you'll notice that the game has a whole lot to choose from.

2013-09-20 21.37.30


Once you've chosen your game, you can then choose the table size.

2013-09-20 21.37.44

Not content with changing the table size? In-game you can also change the color of the cloth and the backgrounds, although the backgrounds feel a little dated.


2013-09-23 19.50.58

Once you've chosen everything you can go ahead and start playing. You'll notice the shot lines as well as the ability to freely move your view by dragging your finger on the screen.

2013-09-22 11.51.02


To adjust spin on the ball, simply hit the cue ball with the red dot on it towards the Menu button. When you adjust the spin on the cue ball (by simply dragging up, down, left or right) the shot lines will change to reflect this. So, a shot with heavy backspin would look something like this:

2013-09-23 14.30.48

Unlike other pool games, you don't have to play the game on your own. You can play with friends by passing the tablet or smartphone and you can even play online.


2013-09-20 21.37.54

When you play online, you'll be asked to input a name for yourself.

2013-09-23 08.20.03


Playing online is a great way to get the most out of the game, as you'll come across players that will pull off some really cool shots.

2013-09-23 08.26.01

As it is in the poolhall, playing others can teach you a lot about the game. Pool Break Pro is hard to show off in screenshots, and it's best to try out for yourself. There's a free version of the game you can try out but, the Pro version has everything a pool enthusiast will want.


Opinion: Here at Android Headlines I'm the member of staff that you'll find at the poolhall when I'm away from my desk. I'm a big fan of English Pool, American 8 and 9 and I play the odd game of snooker. As you'd imagine, I've played my fair share of Pool games on Android. While some of them are quite good they all seem to mess up their own formula in some way or another. Not Pool Break Pro though. With the ability to shoot however you want from different views and angles, to the accurate and helpful guide lines, Pool Break Pro ticks all the boxes and then some. As someone that understands roll and spin, Pool Break Pro impressed me with how accurate the physics are. The graphics are great, without slowing the device down too, which is always a bonus. It's not perfect but for fans of pool or snooker, this is perhaps as close as it comes on Android right now.


  • Speed (4/5) – Judging how powerful your shot is can take some time to get used to but, the game runs great on a variety of devices.
  • Features (5/5) – Pool Break Pro has it all, from different game types, to pass-and-play multiplayer. Pool Break Pro ticks all the boxes.
  • Theme (5/5) – With great 3D graphics and near-perfect spheres, everything looks good here.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – Pool Break Pro needs a few tweaks and then it'd be a perfect game. With just a few niggles, Pool Break Pro offers everything pool players love on the go.


  • Pass-and-play multiplayer is great for hanging with friends.
  • With games like Snooker, 9-Ball, 10-Ball, 6-Ball, 14.1, One Pocket and more, Pool Break Pro has every game imaginable.
  • Online multiplayer is great for seasoned pros.
  • Real physics including spin and roll make for an accurate 3D pool game


  • A camera to follow the ball would be a nice addition.
  • Better-looking backgrounds needed for high-resolution devices.

Conclusion: Pool Break Pro is one of the best pool games out there. The developer has clearly thought about pretty much everything when it comes to creating the best variety of games. From 8-ball to Snooker, it's all here. The shot guides can be adjusted as well, to show you the direction of the cue ball in varying lengths, this is a great feature as those learning cue ball control for real can use this to program their brains a little bit. While a lot of practice takes place on a table, more than you think goes on in your brain. Getting strategy and the right head on your shoulders is important when playing pool, with Pool Break Pro you can learn a lot. From a game standpoint, this is a lot of fun, it could do with some better backgrounds and perhaps some music but, the pacing is up to you. As with a real game of pool you control your destiny on the cloth and the game doesn't get in the way at all. Overall, this is is definitely one of the best pool games available for Android right now.


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