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Description: Ball Worlds is a new puzzle game that relies on physics and balls to deliver a game that demands a logical approach from the player. The aim of the game is to build the shapes give to you using the balls in the play area. However, it's not as simple as it sounds as the real physics in the game causes the balls to bounce and to make things difficult for the player. Overall, this is a fresh take on simple puzzle building and can offer players a real challenge if they're not careful.

How it Works: To start solving puzzles with balls instead of bricks, just head on over to the Play Store and download the game.



Go ahead and choose which world to play with and then you can get started.


The game will tell you how to play, so there's nothing to worry about there and it's quick and easy to get to grips with.



Things start off nice and easy, and it gets progressively harder and harder as you progress.



As you progress through the levels, you'll come across different elements such as obstacles and more.


It's an easy game to play but, a hard one to master. However, the more and more you play, the more exciting the later levels become.



Opinion: While puzzle games are generally a lot of fun, they can certainly be somewhat generic. Ball Worlds is a breath of fresh air and while the concept isn't going to appeal to everyone, it's a nice take on the genre. With some groovy music in the background, players won't find themselves turning off, instead they'll go from puzzle to puzzle enjoying the increased difficulty. Building simple shapes when starting out is easy however, things quickly get a little more difficult and the later worlds and levels can create headaches for players, both new and old.


  • Speed (4/5) – Ball Worlds runs well and the pacing of the game is quicker than most other puzzle games, delivering a fast experience for those looking to break away from slow and boring puzzles.
  • Features (3.5/5) – While the concept is certainly something different here, it can become a little repetitive. With the introduction of obstacles and gravity however, it should keep players interested.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – Graphically, the game is okay. Everything is 2D and a little flat-looking. However, the physics work as they should and the music is nice.
  • Overall (4/5) – Ball Worlds offers something different to those that love puzzles however, after a while it can become a little repetitive depending on how much you enjoy puzzles.


  • Fresh new approach to generic puzzle games.
  • Real physics create a new way of dealing with pieces.
  • Background music is nice and fitting for the game type.
  • Obstacles and gravity help change the pace of the game.


  • 2D graphics could do with a little work.
  • Use of balls could become a little repetitive.

Conclusion: Ball Worlds is a game that can be a lot of fun. While we don't think it appeals to all gamers, casual or otherwise it's almost ideal for fans of puzzle games such as Tetris or columns. Where Ball Worlds falls down in terms of polish, it makes up for in having a unique gameplay feel. For the most part, Ball Worlds feels like a fresh idea that needs a little more polish. With some added graphics and a little more than just gravity and spheres to work with, Ball Worlds would be a game that everyone could find themselves coming back to time and time again. As it stands though, only those really interested in puzzle games would want to play Ball Worlds.



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