Facebook is Another Way You Can Create Your Perfect Moto X With Moto Match

September 6, 2013 - Written By Cory McNutt

The whole idea behind the Moto X is the ability to customize your new phone to suite your lifestyle, with the bold statement that “Same is Boring.”  That, and the fact that the it’s one of the few phones designed in the USA (by Motorola and you) and one of the only phones to be built in the USA in a new facility in Forth Worth, Texas.  This is a big deal to finally have a phone assembled in the U.S., albeit, at a slightly higher cost, but the benefits far out weight the few extra dollars that you spend for your new Moto X.

Moto x Assembled in the USA

You can always go to MotoMaker website and design your own personalized Moto X phone, but I for one, have trouble picking out colors and matching – sometimes it’s better for me to have the basic Black, White, and Gray and get it over with. Picking a favorite color is like asking me what is my favorite flavor of ice cream…all of it!

Enter a new feature offered on the Moto X page on Facebook called Moto Match where you can pull over pictures from your Facebook account and let Moto Match choose a color that best complements your photo. Put in a picture of your favorite shoes, picture of a sunset, picture of the beach, etc. and Moto Match makes the decision for you. Obviously, you must have a Facebook account to access this option, but most people buying the Moto X are probably already a Facebooker.  Like your sexy blue shoes?  Load that picture into Moto Match and below you will see what color Moto Match selected for your Moto X.

Moto Match

The Facebook Moto X page is a good way to not only to design your Moto X, but also to learn about its many features.  We did an article earlier today that will allow you to compare the Moto X to other new flagship phones, such as the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, the HTC One, and the new LG G2.  But the Moto X Facebook page gives you a good idea of what to expect.

Moto x the way it should look

They even throw in a couple of short videos that are definitely worth the few minutes it takes to watch them.  The first video shows how you can communicate with your Moto X without ever touching the phone:


The second video shows the Moto X’s Quick Capture feature, where you can take a quick picture in a matter of seconds simply by flicking your wrist:

Every new phone needs accessories, and the Facebook Moto X page will allow you make purchases of a few items design to compliment your new Moto X:

Sol Deck Wireless Speaker

How about some in-ear headphones to go with that new Moto X:

Sol Jax Headphones

How about some over-the-ear headphones to go with that new Moto X:

Sol Fit Headphones

So there you have it…try out the Facebook Moto X page to checkout the phone in its entirety, and choose your color wisely with the Facebook exclusive, Moto Maker.