Even More "Leaked" Images of Supposedly Android 4.4 KitKat….But Are They Real or Fake?

kit kat2 650x432

Last night we found a few Android 4.4 images. Mainly of the dialer and Messaging apps. Now there are a few more images that have cropped up, depicting Android 4.4 on what appears to be a Nexus 4. Now we aren’t sure if this is the Nexus 4 that was released last year, or if they’ll be calling the new Nexus coming next month the Nexus 4 as well. They did it with the Nexus 7, so it wouldn’t surprise me.


The images here show us some new icons too. They all look more flat, similar to the new Google logo, which looks really nice in my opinion. The status bar is also different now. It appears to change colors to match the app that you are currently in. Which is a nice touch, although I think I’d rather have a transparent status bar like Touchwiz and LG has in their launcher. In these pictures you can see a different looking status bar in each one. And it looks like some apps have a gray navigation bar while others are still black. It would be cool if that changed per app as well.


It’s definitely looking like Google is taking some design queues from the folks at Paranoid Android. That’s been one of my favorite ROMs lately, especially the Per-App-Colors and Pie on that ROM are pretty awesome.


Yesterday, after we posted the first couple of images from this leak, Android Police came out and said that they believe these are fake. They also made a pretty big post about it and why they are in doubt. I have to say I do agree with them on some of their points. However, as we get closer and closer to October, we’re going to see more and more leaks and probably a few that are fake. Hopefully nothing like the hoaxes we saw last year. That was pretty insane.

So what do our readers think? Are these fake?