European Union Moving to Enforce Standard Charger

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When it comes to Android smartphones, it seems that all the OEMs are using the same charger. Those lovely microUSB cables that we've all come to know and love but, it's not just common sense we have to thank for such a thing. Or at least not so much in Europe. Way back in 2010, the EU adopted microUSB as the standard for charging their devices. Citing gross e-waste mounting up throughout the continent. It certainly makes a lot of sense, have one charger for many devices, and these chargers can be much more easily be recycled. Back in the day, there were different adapters for every make of phone out there. Now though, things are better.

Well, while many OEMs have adopted this standard, it seems that the EU is looking to get tough on this sort of thing from now on. As CNET is reporting, a European Union Committee has voted unanimously in favor of creating a law that requires all OEMs to use the same charger. While HTC, Samsung et al don't have much to worry about, Apple might have a problem on their hands in the near future. Apple is one of the few companies that hasn't adopted this standard for their smartphones – and tablets – and so we're pretty sure that this particular EU committee were looking right at Apple when they voted.

Right now, in Europe this might not make much of a change however, if a law were to be created that requires all manufacturers to use the same charger, then it's good news for all of us. Apple fans will often lament about having to buy a replacement charger as Apple seem to think their lightning cables are worth their weight in gold. However, us Android lovers can go and buy pretty much any microUSB charger. If a law were formed, prices could fall in the EU and it's clear this sort of standardization has already taken a hold of the US with most, if not all, smartphones now using microUSB.