Cut the Rope 2 to Swing Onto Android Before End of the Year



While Android now has a vast library of great-looking and super-fun mainstream games we're more used to seeing on games consoles, it's often casual games that receive the most success and attract the most downloads. Many of you are probably familiar with ZeptoLab's Cut the Rope game that became a pretty big hit on Android – and other mobile platforms – when it launched last year. The simple, yet addictive, gameplay of cutting the right ropes to deliver candy to your little pal, Om Nom proved very popular, indeed. The title has been downloaded more than 415 Million times and is apparently still being downloaded once every 5 seconds or so.



Now, the company has announced that a sequel is coming, and that it'll be hitting mobile devices, including those running Android before the end of the year. What should we expect from the new title? Well, ZeptoLab is promising a big step-forward:

"Cut the Rope 2 is a massive step forward for the game. Amazing graphics, gameplay, and characters drive a brand-new experience that fans are going to love."


This new title is said to feature interactive backgrounds, much better visuals and more. Of course, the most important thing in a game like Cut the Rope is the gameplay, something ZeptoLab have realized: "We remain dedicated to our mission: examining the science of fun. That means building experiences that players love,".

The game's just been announced so, there's little to go on in the way of detail but, with it launching before 2013 draws to a close, we're sure that we're going to be seeing a lot more of Om Nom and Cut the Rope 2 very shortly. If you're new to the franchise, you can get the original game from the Play Store, as well as the two spin-off titles: Cut the Rope: Experiments and Cut the Rope: Time Travel. We know you guys are big gamers so come on, be honest with us – you're excited for this, right?

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