Cross Platform MMO Dragon Eternity Launches On Android

September 4, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

In the world of MMO games there are many different options for a would be gamer to choose from. Android and mobile even have a few really good ones, although none can seem to dethrone Blizzard’s World of Warcraft (even with it’s steady decline in subscribers) Some have come close to being almost as popular though. One thing that great MMOs lack regardless of how much fun they are, is the ability to play cross platform with other gamers. GI_DragonEternity_Android_Screenshot_ENG_002
Starting today however, GameInsight has launched their newest version of Dragon Eternity, which just so happens to be hitting Android, Facebook, and iphone. The ipad and browser version of this game have been available for some time already, and has already gathered a huge fan base of over 5 million players worldwide. Those numbers will only grow as the game has landed onto three new platforms today. Most MMO games are usually fantasy driven, and consist of single and party based quests and combat with some backbone of a storyline to tie things together.GI_DragonEternity_Android_Screenshot_ENG_004
Dragon Eternity is fantasy based MMO as well but seems to give you control or at least some ability to play and interact with Dragons as characters. In the beautiful world of Adan, the seal of forbiddens has been broken and it is your duty to see to it the world is protected. You have the ability to play as the Warrior and a crafting type character to make useful items such as armor, weapons, and potions, and you must choose one of two sides to join allegiance. Band together with either the Vaalor or Sadar factions. Build up your character with more than 30 sets of collectible armor. Everyone knows you need sweet loots in an MMO. It’s just simple math. It doesn’t stop at the loot though, you can command 6 unique dragons to help you fight, and even ride 10 different dragon mounts. Cause why would you want to travel any other way? GI_DragonEternity_Android_Screenshot_ENG_003
With over a 1,000 quests to complete, you’ll most certainly be running into plenty of monsters and beasts that are sure to attempt halting your more noble cause. You’d best be prepared if you’re going to fight them all alone. This is an MMO though so remember you can always join up with friends to best your opponents, and you’re encouraged to with the level of social integration here. You might need to gather a group anyway if you’re going to have the slightest hope of taking down any of the powerful bosses, of which there are over 40.  As far as MMO games goes, it seems that Dragon Eternity has got it all. Multiple classes, tons of enemies, lots of quests, bosses, loot, mounts, professions, PvP, and more. You name it this game has it.GI_DragonEternity_Android_Screenshot_ENG_005
If you needed a new MMO to fill your time, this freebie is worth a look. If you get tired of playing on one platform you can simply switch to another with the support of their cloud backup system that allows you to save all your game and character progress across all platforms. This is one of the single greatest features of the game, as we all know how time consuming an MMO can be and how much effort some players put forth. It would be a huge pain in the ass if you had to restart all over if you simply jut needed to switch systems to continue playing. Like say when your tablet battery dies and you want to continue playing on your phone or browser. Those who have already dumped much of their time into other mobile MMOs may not find value in giving this one a try, but if you have yet to dive into the mobile MMO genre, now is your chance to get yourself started on one that will get you hooked.