Android Phone Wars: Moto X vs Motorola Droid Ultra


Here we are back with another phone war. This time we are comparing the Moto X and the Droid Ultra, which are basically the same device. I actually did a little video on Wednesday about it, Droid Ultra vs Moto X. The Droid Ultra and Moto X, as you can tell from the specs below, are basically the same device.




Motorola Moto X


The Moto X is actually a pretty thick device. It's about 10.4mm thick, but does have a bigger battery than the Droid Ultra. The hardware is pretty much the same as the Droid Ultra. Got the power button and volume rocker on the right side, SIM card slot on the left side, on the bottom is the microUSB port and up top is the headphone jack. On the back is the 10MP ClearPixel camera and speaker. On the front is your 4.7-inch AMOLED display, earpiece, front-facing camera, and a variety of sensors.

The software on the Moto X is pretty great. It's basically stock Android with a few tweaks. There's also the touchless control and Active Display that's great to use. Not to mention how great the battery life is. I've been gettign 15-24 hours on a charge with the Moto X lately.


Motorola Droid Ultra

Droid Ultra 48

The Droid Ultra is basically the Moto X with a bigger display. It's featuring the same hardware with the volume rocker and power button on the right side. On the bottom is the microUSB port and up top is the headphone jack. ON the back is the camera and logos. On the front are your 5-inch display and front-facing camera with your capacitive buttons.

Similar to the Moto X, the Droid Ultra is basically stock Android. It also has Touchless Control, Active Display and it also features Droid Zap, which is Verizon/Motorola's answer to S Beam and Android Beam. Although it uses wireless networks and not NFC. But it is unique to DROID devices only.


And the Winner Is….


This is a pretty tough one. Since they are both the same, basically. But I'd have to say the Moto X wins. Mostly because the Droid Ultra is only on Verizon, while Moto X is on just about every carrier in the US. Not to mention the bigger battery and better battery life. Who would you choose?