Android OTA: Device Updates & Firmware Weekly Report – September 19th Edition



Google Play Edition Gets JWR66Y Update




In last week's edition of OTA, we saw that the HTC One had gotten this same update and just as we went to press, so to speaks, the S4 Google Edition got the update as well. As it is with the One and Nexus devices, there's little to see here. This is just the same security update that rolled out to Nexus devices some weeks ago.

Sprint Sends Out Bugfix to LG Optimus G




Those on Sprint with an Optimus G should be seeing update notifications any day now – if they haven't already. Unfortunately, the update keeps things at Android 4.1.2 but, it does patch some holes and fixes some bugs. Nothing too exciting but, then again this is a quick and painless update. After your device has been updated, you should be on version LS970ZVC.

Chromecast Gets Updated to Build Number 13300




Google has updated the Chromecast once again, this time around it'll leave you on build number 13300. As usual, there's not much here aside from the kernel update, that could lead to a slight boost in performance and stability but, as always there's a changelog from the Chrome team:

  • Kernel update
  • Security fixes
  • Robustness improvements
  • Security enhancements

Who doesn't like more "robustness"?


Verizon's G2 Gets Small Update



While the G2 has only just launched – our review is coming soon – but, the Verizon version is already getting a small update. Bringing the G2 to software version VS98011A, there's nothing much to see here. In fact, there's no changelog as of yet, as Droid-Life is reporting. Overall, this seems like the first of many maintenance updates. If you have a G2 you should be getting the update any day now.

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