Android Game Of The Week: Humble Bundle Beta App Comes To Android

September 20, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

If you’re a gamer and have been for at least the last few years, than you are probably aware of the Humble Bundle and what it represents and has to offer. The Humble Indie Bundle or more simply put “The Humble Bundle” is a nifty little organization that offers amazing deals on games (usually more indie) as part of a bundle pack where you can pay whatever you want for them to help support charity and the developers behind these lovely little games.
Humble Bundle began as an idea to release PC games to the public with the gamer deciding on the price they wanted to pay for the deal, and it became so popular that Humble Bundle lept across platforms from PC to Android, soon becoming a regularly distributed game pack on both platforms.
The Humble Bundle team knows that you are itching for an easier way to stay connected to the latest updates on new Humble Bundles with an easier way to access the Humble Bundle games that you already own. To help with this they recently released the beta version of their new “Humble Bundle” android app onto the play store. No longer will you have to waste precious moments navigating to the Humble Bundle web page and logging in, when you could just tap on the app icon (already logged in) and scroll through your library of games thus maximizing game time to its fullest capacity. hb
With so many Humble Bundles that have already been released to date, and all of them containing some form of bonus content that you receive if you had payed the minimum average amount, it begs the question; Could we as gamers benefit from a more direct route to all our Humble Bundle content? The answer is yes, and that’s what this app aims to do. Give you the power and the freedom to access your purchased games more directly from within the app instead of having to go to the website and download the apk files themselves and then install them. Utilizing the new app also notifies you when updates are available so you can always make sure that your content is fresh.
If you haven’t already downloaded the Humble Bundle app you can grab from the play store link we have provided for you below. The app is still in beta and may undergo some changes in the future including UI improvements(or at least we can always hope for a shiny new UI that looks pretty and flows nicely, but then again this is true with any app that doesn’t start with one), so while you’re pondering why the app may not look as gorgeous as some of the other ones on your device, just remember that the app itself is “Humble” in nature and stays true to its roots.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1