Android Game Of The Week: Dead On Arrival 2

September 27, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

N3V games has had their upcoming Zombie survival game in beta for the better part of 2013, but as of two days ago the game was released onto the play store for all. Surpassing the original in just about every way, DOA2 gives you that feeling of awesome that can only be experienced while mowing down undead meat bags with a bevy of weapons. DOA2
When it comes to dual stick top down shooters, you won’t soon forget the mayhem of DOA 2. Fancy yourself a survivalist and think you can withstand the horrors to come? Well open up the game, login and find out just how much of a badass you really are. You’ll have multiple opportunities to prove it, and all by your lonesome or with up to three others in co-op mode. Co-op is cross platform by the way. DOA21
Whether you choose to brave the hordes alone or with a group of friends, one thing’s for certain, you’ll have plenty of firepower to aid you in laying waste to everything in your path. From handguns to crossbows, to mini guns and rocket launchers, (even a flamethrower and freeze ray!) pick your weapon of choice and destroy those undead bastards before they can destroy you. The artillery you hold in your hands is not the only thing you have at your disposal though when it comes to massacring zombies. All of the maps are equipped with at least two or three traps you can use to help you kill the teeming masses of flesh eating monsters. DOA22
In each map you’ll have to open as many doors as you can to assist in prolonging your life (or so you hope), and run around basically shooting or burning, or blowing up anything that walks. A few other cool key features that give the game that extra boost are character customizations to the costume and powerful ability upgrades or boosts like invincibility to help you during your fight.DOA23 Fend off wave after wave of zombie hordes for as long as you can. Virtually everything you can use in the game is bought with a currency called zbucks which you can earn by playing and killing zombies and surviving through waves, or you can of course purchase them through IAP. DOA24
We all knew it was coming. The game is free after all so can we really complain? Especially for what we got at a FREE price tag?
Everyone could use a little zombie killing fun before the upcoming spooky holiday and should you find yourself asking the same question i was about the game controls compatibility, you’ll be happy to know that N3V has made sure Dead On Arrival 2 works with just about every popular controller out there. PS3, Xbox 360, MOGA, NYKO, Shield(Duh!), and probably any other HID bluetooth gamepad you might own. So, without further delay, here’s the link to DOA2. Download it and go kill some zombies.