Android Game Of The Week- Reaper: Tale Of A Pale Swordsman

September 13, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

Many a great RPG have found a home onto the booming game community that Android has become, but an absolute must play are few and far between. Reaper: Tale of A Pale Swordsman just so happens to be one of those few. It’s the newest title from Hexage Ltd and dare I say a masterful work of art. Amidst all the games I play on a regular basis, since Reaper’s release just a few days ago I have found it hard to put it down. (I even played while we were watching Breaking Bad which I am insanely obsessed with.)2013-09-12 21.25.53
Reaper is a quaint and action filled tale about a tiny little black swordsman that more than makes up for his lack in size with his skill to swing any blade you put in his hands. This epic action RPG is definitely one to be measured as a crowning achievement for Hexage and everyone who loves to laugh and enjoys the story behind all the action needs to pick this up. You can try it for free up to lvl 10, after that if you enjoy the game as much as I did you can purchase the full game for a one time fee of $2.99. What a wonderful way to go about disbursing your product. Two thumbs up for Hexage on this as well.2013-09-12 21.26.20
The game is fairly easy to play and even easier to get addicted to, and all of this is obtained with a simple side scroller platform. Play as the black swordsman and slay whatever foe places him or herself in the way of your path. Along your journey to help or hinder those who you encounter, you’ll have the opportunity to equip tons of gear including hundreds of swords, armor, and accessories which you can find at the different merchants within the game. 2013-09-12 21.26.04
As you progress you’ll also gain special skill points which you can use to purchase new abilities to help you on your many quests. These abilities can range from new attacks to new attributes for increased strength and defense. These will prove invaluable in your fight against the evils that await you in the land of wilderness. The best thing about the story here is not just the dialogue though. You can choose how you react to certain situations and whether to be nice or just a downright jerk who cares only about the gold in his purse. This makes for a very interesting turn of events each time you play through the game, and ultimately more fun.2013-09-12 21.31.29
You would think that a fantastic little story and endless fun would be all that is needed to engage us, but Reaper doesn’t stop there, giving us more than just game content to sate our appetites as gamers. Google play games services(leaderboards, and achievements) as well as cloud saving so you can pick up where you left off on multiple devices come along with everything else. To sweeten the deal even further, Hexage added in native gamepad support for HID controllers like the MOGA, Nyko Playpad, etc. to make playing Reaper even better for those of you that hate touch controls. Although like I said the controls via touch are pretty easy to get used to. 2013-09-12 21.27.55
The list of reasons why anyone who enjoys games should pick this up is long, but as one gamer to another, you need but only one reason. FUN! That’s what games are about after all right? And can you argue with a free trial? I couldn’t. 30 minutes in and I bought the full version. If you are daring enough to brave the mystery’s of wilderness, the link for the game is below. Once again, Reaper: Tale of A Pale Swordsman is FREE until your character reaches level 10, at which point you can choose to pay for the full version which is $2.99. You can even purchase one of the upgraded full game packs that come with special in game items and equipment and an extra game mode called Dark harvest, which is essentially an endless arena style of play to gain gold and equipment. Among all the games i have played on Android in the past, Reaper is one that has intricately woven together the elements of a compelling story with hilarious dialogue and arguably some of the best game content that is sure to win anyone over.