Android App Updates Week of September 20th, 2013

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Google Adsense

Google updated their Adsense app this week. For those that aren’t familiar with Adsense, it’s how most websites make money. This way you can check your earnings straight from your tablet or phone. Here’s the changelog from Google Play


– Resizable widget showing the estimated earnings overview – our most requested feature!
– AdSense reporting timezone – the figures in the app will now respect your timezone setting, and match the Home tab on the AdSense website
– Lifetime earnings support in all the reports
– Translations to 24 languages
– The notifications counter fix



This week, Springpad also got a pretty hefty update. It’s not sitting at version 4.1.0. Springpad is a note-taking app that competes with Evernote and Google Keep. Here’s the changelog from Google Play

New in 4.1.0: Introducing our brand-new notes editor

– Inline editable: Tap where you want to edit and start typing
– Rich text support: You can now choose bold, italics, underline and bullet / numbered lists as formatting options
– Improved cross-platform editing: Your notes appear consistently across all of your devices
– Quick compose: Long press on the + button to quickly create a new note
If you have any feedback about our new features, please contact us at [email protected]



Trillian is one of those tried and true apps. Many of us were probably using Trillian before Android even existed. It’s an instant messaging app that works on desktops, phones and tablets. And it syncs between all three. This week it got a nice update:

– Modernized user interface with ICS+ compatibility.

– Easily start group chats with your friends who also use Trillian.
– Optionally import names and photos from your address book.
– For the Trillian network, appear as mobile to your Trillian contacts.
– Shiny new emoticons.
– Manage and view all connected devices.
– Compatibility with in-house Trillian Server deployments.
– Improvements for Yahoo! and MSN connectivity.

Google Drive


Drive is probably one of our most favorite apps here at Android Headlines. We use Drive for just about everything. So it’s great to see it getting updates. This weeks update brought a new light theme for the app and a few other improvements.

– New light theme for Drive

– New quick action bar for faster creating, scanning and uploading
– Swipe to refresh
– Customize number formats and freeze/unfreeze in spreadsheets
– Improved upload reliability
– Bug fixes and visual improvements

Get Glue


If you’re not using Get Glue, why not? Get Glue is basically Foursquare for TV. It allows you to check in to movies, TV shows, podcasts and much more. The app got a complete redesign this week to look more holo and use a flatter design. I must say, it looks pretty good.

Redesigned user experience with a visually stunning guide for TV Shows & Movies

Ability to instantly watch shows & movies via Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, HBO GO, ABC, FOX, FX, AMC and more services & apps
Show pages have a full list of episodes, combined activity feed & summaries
New Search & Discover lets you browse by genre and curated lists of the best TV shows & movies
Want to Watch feature tracks what to watch & sends reminders for new episodes, seasons on streaming & movie releases



I’m sure many of you use Tumblr. Well it got another update this week. Mostly bug fixes, but it does bring in some push notifications for when you get likes, reblogs, replies and new followers, which is a great thing to see. Here’s the full changelog from Google Play

– See the latest activity on your blog

– Get push notifications for likes, reblogs, replies, and new followers.



Firefox also got a nice update this week. If you don’t know what Firefox is, you must be living under a rock. Its a web browser, that quite a few people use on their desktop, and this week the mobile version got even better.

What’s New:

*Night mode: Better night reading experience with Night mode functionality in Reader
*NFC: Ability to share open tabs between NFC-enabled phones
*WebRTC: Enabled support for WebRTC
*Quick Share: Easy access to your favorite share application from main menu.
*Added support for Braille, Popup announcements, Door hangers retain focus and a lot more for TalkBack users
*Added Swedish, British and Catalan to Android multi-locale builds
Learn more: https://www.mozilla.org/mobile/notes/