Amazon's Fire OS 'Mojito' Refines the Formula and Introduces Mayday


With the new Kindle Fire HDX duo announced from Amazon, it's no surprise that the OS running things has evolved somewhat. Version 3.0 of the Fire OS, dubbed 'Mojito' improves on the original formula and introduces a couple more features. The carousel UI is still front and center, with content taking center stage. You'll still be swinging an imaginary merry-go-round to get to your favorite albums, books, apps or games. For the most part, the UI is going to feel familiar to anyone that's picked up a Kindle Fire since they first hit the scene.

However, headlining features include Second Screen and of course, Mayday. We've spoken about Mayday a little before but, essentially its live tech support from your tablet. Mayday will connect users to a real-life person somewhere in an Amazon building to help you get what you want doing, done. You'll be able to see them but, they won't be able to see you. Your screen is mirrored between yourself and your tech support assistant. However, when you input passwords and such, you can pause the feed so you keep that information private. Mayday is obviously something aimed at the non tech-savvy crowd and perhaps the older audience. Regardless though, this is a great feature and could very well help those new to tablets feel more comfortable with them.

Second Screen is Amazon's first step into the living room. You can "fling" content from your Kindle Fire HDX to your PlayStation 3 or 4, as well as Samsung smart TVs. Other partners are said to be coming soon and when Engadget quizzed them on the Chromecast they were told to "stay tuned". When you're watching something on your TV, X-Ray will give you content information from IMDb and with Fire OS 3.0, it will now give you lyrics that are licensed from Amazon, regardless of whether you're online or not.


Rounding things out with the new update is wireless print supporting and VPN support as well as Kerberos authentication. Fire OS 3.0 is based on Android 4.2 and developers looking to branch out into Amazon's App Store will be glad to here that this latest version now supports Native Android App Compatibility. While Amazon hasn't confirmed that the update will be reaching older Kindle Fires, they hinted that an update is in the works.

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