Alcatel Announce One Touch Idol Alpha; 4.7-incher With Great Notification LEDs

alcatel one touch alpha


IFA 2013 hasn't officially kicked off just yet but Alcatel has some announcements to make. After taking wraps off of the One Touch Hero, now they're announcing the more run-of-the-mill One Touch Idol Alpha. Coming in at 4.7-inches, this is more of a device that's for everyone, yet still features a little charm. The specs are pretty decent, but there's nothing too concrete on things just yet as Alcatel is being pretty quiet on the details. There's a 4.7-inch HD display, presumably of the 720p variety, and a quad-core 1.2 Ghz CPU. Coming in at just 7.5mm thick, it's a svelte device which, doesn't leave too much hope for a sizable battery but, we're hoping that Alcatel manage to squeeze a decent sized cell into the device.

Where the One Touch Idol Alpha does stand out from the pack a little bit is in the translucent top and bottom finishings that double as an LED notification light. Much like that of the Xperia SP. There's not too much known about these translucent ends to the device but, we'd assume the usual flashy lights in a number of different colors. As with the features on the One Touch Hero, this is a little gimmicky but, Alcatel is going there own route a little bit and that's certainly good to see.

There should be more information on the One Touch Idol Alpha later today as the floors open in Berlin but, it certainly looks like Alcatel is ready to make more of a move when it comes to the smartphone market. Unfortunately, this is probably yet another device that won't make it to the US but, there is a good chance that the device is going to be hitting Europe and of course, spreading throughout Asia.

What do you guys think to the latest from Alcatel? Are they making more of a push and doing the Alcatel name justice or is it not enough?