AH Primetime: Google Street Views More Than a Street – Funny Awkward Photos From Around the World


The new Google Maps is a terrific application – you can use it as a map for traveling using Navigator, but you can also go into Street View, and actually look at the street of your destination, and navigate in all directions. Street View is available in Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google Maps for mobile. In order to get all of these street views, Google normally uses a car equipped with a high mounted camera, but some of the most interesting places are not accessible by vehicle, so they will use a Trike for smaller paths and unique terrain, the Trolley to run a camera out on a cable, and even use a snowmobile!

Currently Google provides Street View imagery for almost all major metropolitan areas, National Parks, and other areas of public interest in the U.S. They continue to expand internationally and now have Street View imagery from all seven continents – when Google takes on a project, they spare no expense.


You can imagine as they drive down a street, unrehearsed, of course, the sights that their cameras may stumble upon and "see." We have all seen something strange or funny things while driving in our car, can you imagine what you would see if you "drove" all over the world. Below is a list of photos taken with the Street View vehicles that will leave you asking yourself, "What the hell was going on!"  I put my own thoughts under each photo, what do you think?


I can't hold this much longer – I have to go so badly that I can't even turn around to go into the open store directly behind me to use the bathroom.  The sign should say H2O, not O2!


Star Wars

May the force be with you…as Darth Vader said to Luke Skywalker, "If you only knew the power of the Dark Side. Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father."  I don't know about the Dark Side, but this person may be a little on the Crazy Side.

Scuba Divers in Street


Okay, Neptune, you come back with that "A" you stole from me – if I could only find that sewer drain we popped out of, I'll kick that "A" of yours.


As Leslie looked out from her prison window she saw the love of her life, John, proposing for the 20th time with no way to let him know that her answer is still a big, fat, YES…it also brought a tear to her eye seeing her daughter saying, "Hi!"


Naked Women in Taiwan

Oh Yeah!  What was this naked woman in Taiwan doing in the window – it looks to me like she was simply trying to do chin ups, or possibly doing her daily pilates.

Man with Blowup Doll


I like a good blow up doll as much as the next guy, but let's keep it in the bedroom buddy, besides, she looks like she is reaching out for the guy in front of you – perhaps a threesome?

Naked Man in Trunk

I know that fixing a tail light in these newer cars can be a real pain, I guess for some jobs you just have to get down and dirty.  Thank heavens the dog seems unaffected by the entire situation.


Man picking nose

Now this is something we see all of the time…sometimes you just have to pick, but for God Sake, NEVER pick your nose in a moving car; it's more dangerous than texting.  You could poke someone's eye out with that thing, or worse, if you try and fling it out the window, it could come flying right back and hit you in your face!

Man as Reindeer


I never knew a reindeer to bless an individual, but that is what it looks like – either that, or these two had too much to drink and one decided to don some antlers and is comforting the other guy that just threw up on the sidewalk!

Man and Dog on Motor

This dog looks really annoyed that his owner insists on riding with him, so I asked the dog what's up and he claims the seat is too damn small for both of them and if he insists on riding with me we need to get him a sidecar.

Man and Bear

They caught this intoxicated and disgruntled Bears fan in Chicago taking out his hostility to an extreme…neither one was ever seen again!

Google vs Google

Beats the hell out of me, I ran into the store for some cigarettes, came out, and this giant camera was on top of my car! (This is what a Google car looks like when another Google car goes by taking shots.)


That damn pumpkin actually did turn into Cinderella's Chariot, but did it have to be PINK – I don't know about you Ernie, but I feel a little "light-in-the-horseshoes" with this pink plume on my head!

Women Caveman

I don't know why people leave their Friday night trailer trash in the streets, its all I can do to drag it out of the way before someone runs over it.

Woman Lifting Shirt

This sure beats the old way of hitch hiking – I used to stand for hours with my thumb out waiting for a ride, but I just show my little puppies and Kazam, I get picked up in no time, and as long as I keep my shirt up, the driver will take me anywhere I want to go…people can be so friendly!

van on fire

That guy is wondering, "Where did I leave that cigarette I was smoking, let me backtrack my steps to the van."

Man Squat

OK, it would be one thing if this were a lady as she gently squats, but look at the range of that guy, it flew past his tires (at least I hope it's his tires) – Oh, now I get it, he has no fly in those cheap ass pants of his!  Google blurs out your face, and in this case, his butt…does that tell you something?

Kid giving finger

Hey, do not mess with Ninja Nick today because he is pissed off about something!

Hero on Bench

Hey, even heroes get tired and need to take a break.  I just hope he wakes up before those two strange characters walking towards him pull off his mask!

Community Pool

The tenants were so happy when the town council installed a new community pool – the hot days are so much more bearable now that we can take a dip in the water.

capyured man

I told that sheriff we should have bought a crew-cab, now I have to sit my arse out here on the edge of the truck – and watch those bumps, I'd hate for this gun to go off accidentally…can you imagine the paperwork!

Bird Poop

The biggest birdie doo-doo of all time that just about covers this building's windows…or is this the bird letting Google know what they think of their cameras and photos; we'll let you decide.