YouTube Gets Updated to Version 5, Bringing the Cards UI and a Whole Lot More [APK Included]


What's your favorite Google app? Some of you might say Gmail, or Google Search or even Google+. But the most used Google app is YouTube. Which today, just got a huge update. Bringing the version to 5.0. Right now it's rolling out in staged rollouts (we know, we know). But don't fret, because we've got an APK here for you to sideload onto your device.

Android Police has had the new version of YouTube on their devices for a few minutes and have put together a pretty large changelog. So instead of just restating everything they've found, we'll just cut to the good stuff:

  • Card-style UI
  • In-App Multitasking
  • Slide-out navigation
  • Quick access to history, favorites, playlists, uploads and watch later
  • Search for playlists
  • HD and CC have moved to the menu
  • New app icon
  • fully-functional landscape tablet UI
  • global auto-rotate setting
  • There's probably even more.

The YouTube team has really done a great job with the update. We've just sideloaded the update, literally, so we'll be sure to update this post with more changes as we find them. As always, Google hasn't posted a full changelog for the update just yet. But we'll keep our eyes out for that as well. Android Police also pointed out that the rumored background audio is currently MIA. But hopefully that will come in the next release which will probably fix a lot of bugs in this release.

The update is weighing in at a little over 6MB in size, and as always we've got the APK down below for you to check out. So far, I'm definitely liking the cards-UI and the overall light theme of the YouTube app. I have thought for a while that the older version was pretty dated and was awaiting the big YouTube redesign. This puts YouTube with most of the other Google apps as far as the Cards style interface apps go.

I'll probably be using YouTube for the rest of the night now. But we've got the APK down below for you to download. So you can have fun with the update. Be sure to let us know what you think about it in the comments down below.


Download: Google Drive | Dropbox