Sony Xperia Z Ultra Passes Through FCC with Support for AT&T LTE



While a lot of the attention surrounding Sony is focused on the upcoming "Honami" device, which is being announced next month, the Xperia Z Ultra is still working its way to shelves. The gigantic handset has already favored somewhat positively in reviews, despite its size but, as is the case with Sony, there's no word on carrier availability in the States. That might soon be changing however, as Engadget has recently spied an Xperia Z Ultra passing through the FCC.




As Engadget noted, this version of the Xperia Z Ultra features support for AT&T's LTE as well as general support for the good ol US of A. It's possible that this is the C6806 model of the Z Ultra, which is pretty much the version destined for the States. If that's the case, then it looks like the Xperia Z Ultra could well be going on sale in September, like it is elsewhere around the world.


The Xperia Z was made available in the US but, for a long time it was available from Sony direct. It took months and months for the device to hit the carriers and in the end, it launched on just T-Mobile. It was a poor showing for Sony so hopefully, this FCC listing means the Z Ultra and subsequently the Honami are launching in the US on a more widespread scale than other Sony devices before.

If we didn't know better however, Sony may well find themselves falling into exclusivity with AT&T just as HTC's One Mini has done. Hopefully though, that won't happen and fans of massive Android devices all over the US will be able to enjoy Sony's bigger, beefier version of the Xperia Z which we found to be very capable, indeed.

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