Where do You Sell a Product Like Google Glass, You Open a Store Inside Best Buy


Would you trust this man in the shower wearing Google Glass(es)…well many people listen to him every day, and why not, this is Robert Scoble, a noted writer and blogger of all things technical and has over four million followers on Google+.  Wikipedia describes him as follows:

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He publicly shared that he had hear a rumor that Google is renting 6000 square feet inside Best Buy stores next year to sell Google Glass.  His post is shown below, where he admits it is simply a rumor, but would like someone to verify this information as either true or false.  He goes on to theorize that the move makes sense because you would certainly want to try them on before you make a purchase.  He then challenges Google to verify the rumor.

Sold in Best Buy



He is correct, it does make sense – Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft all have their special spots in Best Buy Stores with Samsung and Microsoft expanding over the next year or so. Google scoped out a space in Best Buy to push their Chromebooks as sales were originally slow because nobody knew what they were…there are some things you just have to see, touch, and play with before you make a purchase, and Google Glass is certainly one such item.

Rumors at the beginning of the year had Google building their own brick-and-mortar stores to compete with Apple's, but Google quickly shot down that rumor. Without their own stores to showcase their products, the next best place would be Best Buy, which would make Best Buy the "go-to-place" for all of your electronics needs. Best Buy could probably survive on the rents they collect from these major electronic players.

Do you use Best Buy for you electronic purchases and do you enjoy the way the store is segregated by certain manufacturers.

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