WhatsApp Brings Voice Messaging to All of Their 300 Million Users


These days it seems like the humble SMS message is fading away, to be only remembered by the history books. While that time isn't just yet, WhatsApp is certainly making the SMS look pretty oldschool. Not only is WhatsApp a great way for people to send messages like they would SMS messages but, it's an easier way to send media message as well. The company isn't shy of doing things a little differently, either and it's their most recent announcement that might bring even more people to WhatsApp.

Now, all 300 Million users of the service will have access to their voice messaging. Now, don't go thinking this means WhatsApp is taking over Skype because, as for right now, WhatsApp's voice messaging is just that. It's messages that are recording to be sent from user, to user. While thinking of a use for such a service seems a little strange, WhatsApp have made it as easy as possible. For one thing, sending a voice message takes only a few swipes and clicks, and for another there are no limits on how long your recording is. This might quickly become the most efficient way to leave a voicemail message, if you're that kind of person.

WhatsApp is growing steadily, and they now have 300 Million active users. Their record for messages sent in a 24-hour period now stands at 31 billion, and 325 photos are currently being shared per day on the service. This segment is quickly getting crowded, with companies in Asia looking to get in on the action as well, WhatsApp will have keep up to stay relevant. One way that they're going to be doing that, is by focusing more on different media types in upcoming updates, so their CEO says.

WhatsApp is immensely popular, and we're sure that a lot of you reading this use the service on a daily basis as well. Let us know in the comments how you would use the voice messaging feature!

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